Blown Background using Picasa

1/200 sec, f2.8, 50mm, iso 200, +7/10ev

I am using Picasa Hightlight to blown out the background on this picture. Picture is taken with Pentax K100D and Pentax FA 50 f/1.4. I probably forgot about using spot metering on this shot that makes it harder for me to raise the highlight on this shot without blowing the highlight in the book cover. I find it a challenge for me to take pictures in a back lit environment. There is so much to learn in photography. Every scene and every picture can be a challenge and a lesson yet to be learned.

Another previous attempt with lesser highlight tuning after using 'I am feeling lucky' in Picasa

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Digital Flower Pictures said...

I agree about there be a lot to learn, it is so true in my case. You have natural talent which helps a lot.

Hin Man said...

Thank you for the kind comments.

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