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This is shameless kind of promotion of blog post. I read this from my buddies in BlogCatalog and MyBlogLog and I try to come along. I have a difficult time to get backlinks to my blog. I hope readers of the blog bear with me on this post. What I can offer is a cute picture of shameless promotion. For instruction on how to join the list of meme promotion, read my BlogCatalog friend in AdSenseTracker or DeanHunt post on meme.

Here is the list to be updated for new comers. Due to a lengthly list, I have worked to change it to a scrollable textbox with small text.

Buzz Marketing Blog
Young Entrepreneurs Blog
No Nonsense Business Advice
Sell your blog
CS Developer
Aplliance Journal
Madkane Humor Blog
Find New Leads
UK SEO Directory
Bikinifigur: Abnehmen ohne Hunger
Bob Meets World
BlueJar Webmasters Guide
All Sux Dot Com
The Next Post
Tech Blog
Reality Wired
Tom Wilson Google Blog
Price Filter
a few loose screws
Clickon Web Design
Woody Maxim
Crystals Quest
What Simply Works
Affiliate profit center
Internet Marketing Blueprints
Cash 4 blogging
Hits USA
Wendy Haney
Sheterk Marketing
How To Build a website blog
The Block Party
Ezinet Global Marketing
Best Online Earning Strategies
Online Security Authority
Alternative Healing
That’s what i’m talking about
Web Urbanist Media and Art
Fundraising Ideas
Money Spinning
Blogging at Flixya
Blogging Tips
He Said What
Things That Are Fun
Wii Contests
Classic Rock News
Elee Marketing Guide
Viral and Buzz
Azzfan - Make Extra Money
Shadow Scope
The App
Travel Blog
Your favorite blogger
Master Resell Rights
Entrepreneur Wannabe
Adsense Track
The Online Business Blog
Net Frontier Marketing
Jean Ghalo Blog
Dott Com
Design Creatology
Affiliate Master Tools
The Day of a Mum
Homeschool Diva
Conservatory TV
Get Ahead in business
Hin's Photo Blog
Hin's Tech Corner

Rough HTML code in using scrollable box for links:
<div style="overflow: auto; height: 200px;">
<a href="">blog1</a>
<a href="">blog1</a>


Anonymous said...

not sure if it will help, but i've added you to my blogroll on

good luck!


Hin Man said...

That definitely helps me. Thank you so much.

Richard H. Black said...

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