Indoor and Traveling Light Sample photos with Sony PZ 16-50mm kit zoom

I have to go through some processing with the shot indoor. I only have 1-lens in visiting Spoons in Tahoe City. It is a very homey but small family restaurant where the loft have two tables and my family is the lucky one to get there early around 5:30pm on last Saturday. In hind-sight, I would have better shots with a faster prime but the point is the compactness and ease of carrying 1-single-lens with a small body.

on Spoon looking down from loft area

Indoor and Traveling Light Sample photos with Sony PZ 16-50mm kit zoom
16mm, f/5.6 and 5N after dinner with lower but reasonable good lighting in Tahoe City

Indoor and Traveling Light Sample photos with Sony PZ 16-50mm kit zoom, f/5.6, iso 320, 5N in Gateways Museum in Tahoe City. Look the tree's reflections, I should have taken more shots instead of one shot on this angle of the museum.
All four pictures have issues and need processing but I am quite happy with the lens and there is no single lens that can replace it in my bag. I have lots of primes in the order of 10+ (okay, I lie, I have 30+ primes if I count my other brand's gear with an adapter).


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