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My current planning as of March 2011
  • Get K-5 when price is closer to 1.2K
  • Get a new DA 21mm limited. I have been missing DA 21mm limited. The alternative is to have a manual 20mm lens

Past Gear

This is perhaps the skeleton in my closet of LBA shameful.



benplaut said...

Re: you roadmap, consider a Sigma 28/1.8. It's sharp from f2 onwards, fast, no distortion, and about ~$300 new. Works pretty darn well as a macro, at 1:2.3.

Hin Man said...

Thanks for the suggestion, it is one of the lens that I will study.

Nino D said...

get the 35 macro, its sweet!

Anonymous said...

I second the vote for the 35 macro, as it is quite a versatile lens. :)

Another thought I had was that since you have the Tamron 28-75 already, which works on both film and digital, how about getting either the DA12-24 or waiting on the Tamron 10-24 like you mentioned? It really doesn't make a lot of sense to get a 17-50 or 16-50 when you would have most of that range (and then some) covered by the 2 lenses on your digital? If you like shooting extra wide on film, then keep the Tokina. :)

mark said...

i use a fuju s3pro and pentax K100D
both very nice body's but the fuji
just has a very natural color saturation ::)

nice site

thanh_tan said...

you are about to leave pentax? and move to Nikon?

Hin Man said...

I am not leaving Pentax. I thought about a 2nd system with Nikon D90. But I have placed a halt on the plan, and revisit later on. And I did get Pentax DA 35mm f/2.8 limited instead of 31mm limited.

Colton said...

I am Swift1 at PF.
I like your blog. Looks like you have a worse case of LBA than I do. I just picked up a Tokina made VS1 70-210. Did a google search and found your blog. I now remember reading a few other times about other lenses I had found.

Nino D said...

Hin, it's Nino. You have definitely taken your CBA/LBA and done a lot. Let me know if you want to sell your Yashica 124G, I am looking for a gift for my sister.

International School Bangalore said...

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John A said...

Great , I would suggest you to buy camera gear like Tripod during this black Friday sales.

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