Pentax K 45-125mm f/4.0 Test Shots

Pentax K 45-125mm f/4.0Pentax K 45-125mm f/4.0I have purchased this old Pentax K 45-125mm f/4.0, a manual foucs lens, as a poor man's choice for Pentax DA* 50-135 f/2.8. I have a few test shots over the weekend, the lens is quite big but well balanced to use on my K100D. All test shots attempted at wide open aperture in f/4.0

Pentax K 45-125mm f/4.0

Pentax K 45-125mm f/4.0

Pentax K 45-125mm f/4.0

Pentax K 45-125mm f/4.0

Initial Impressions:

  • A lot of detail for a zoom lens.
  • Color is rich as in Pentax SMC lens
  • Quick zooming and focusing can be achieved with this one touch zoom that has a loose focusing ring as compared to others
  • Zoom tends to fall to the front 45mm end away from body and there is no zoom lock
  • The lens is a bit bulky and heavy but well balanced in my K100D body
  • f/4.0 throughout the range
  • Closest distance is about 1.5m/5.0 feet throughout the focal range
  • Focal range from 45-125mm quite good for portraits
  • Good color, contrast and sharpness at wide open aperture. My initial impressions is that the lens is better than my DA 50-200.
  • Filter size is 58mm if I recall
  • Weight is 615g/21.7oz
  • A good lens to use for manual focusing
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Unknown said...

Nothing wrong with old lenses - have a 50mm 1.7 Pentax M lense - manual focussing and manual aperture. Great pictures

Hin Man said...

Thanks for the visit and comment. The old lens can do great considering the fraction of cost that I paid for the lens. I am very happy with the K 45-125mm image quality and sharpness, especially for fast focusing and zooming when taking portraits on my boys.

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