My Next Camera

This is my current beloved and trusty Casio ex-z750 and I had it since early 2005. Like many others, I still think it is the best compact camera back in 2005 for both picture and video. It is odd how I miss it everyday when I leave home without it. My wife takes great pictures and videos for our kids at home and many of her work are posted here in this blog. And I will take away her photo and video opportunity if I have it with me leaving home.

So here comes my next camera dilemma: I want another point and shoot while I am also on the prospect of venturing into dSLR and perhaps prosumer type of camera. So far I have boiled down to few choices:
If I get another p&s, I will definitely enjoy the casual shooting everyday with the portability and flexibility in a p&s. But if I go prosumer and dSLR, I will definitely advance in the hobby going into a different level of experience with photography. The caveat is the time split (or shared) between hobby and family. What is stopping me from having fun -- Time and Money.

Update: I have purchased Fuji f30 as my 2nd p&s camera. Test shots of fuji f30 can be seen in Fuji f30 Test Shots.
And I have purchased Pentax K100D with kit lens and Pentax DA 50-200.


Kinglee said...

Just like yourself, I'm also in search of another p&s camera.

And Casio is surely my preferred choice.. however... I'm features driven...

Hin Man said...

Thanks for the visit and comment. For my 2nd p&s, I am considering fuji f30 and fuji f20.

Anonymous said...

I had the z-750 and got it stolen in 3 months....what a heart breaker. I did not buy a new one right the way.... so here i am with no camera. I am try to get a replacement, Casio is definitely my choice... but now Canon come out 800IS and 900 will u p&s list change? IF not I guess the reason u getting the f30 is because of it super high iso which no one else could do so in the current P&S market; where u still have Z750 for normal situation and video. But what will u suggest if I can only afford to have 1 P&S camera which photo quality and video qulity are both important.

Hin Man said...

mdvd, thanks for dropping by. It depends if you are looking for the camera for best picture quality or you are looking for a camera for both picture plus occasional video. If pictures is of utmost importance to you and you don't mind a spare of 1Gig xD card for the large video, I will recommend fuji f30 over Casio ex-z750 espeically with the current rebate for $50 for fuji f30. If video is relatively important, I will second the casio ex-z750

As for Canon sd800/900, those will be interesting camera to watch but currently they are not out in the market with a review and the price is considerably higher. I am not against canon's latest but given the bargain price and the proven record of fuji f30 with dpreview 'highly recommendated' rating, I will recommend it with little hesitation. The main gripe on fuji will be on the xD card, lack of manual controls and mpeg-4 video that I use quite ofen in my z750.

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