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It has been long time that I mention about writing a post on embedding videos in blog page or website. There is not much to it. I choose two places for video blogging: Photobucket and YouTube. And with Casio mpeq4, I find the compression in Photobucket more appealing. The following are video clips in mpeg4 done in my Casio ex-z750 uploaded into Photobucket and YouTube as flash video in FLV formats. The conversion to FLV is all automatic in the upload process in PhotoBucket and YouTube.

  1. Upload video to either PhotoBucket and YouTube. This assumes that you already have an account
  2. In photobucket, they have a page for "generate html code" based on the video that you intend to use
  3. Photobucket will generate the html codes for various purpose. For video blogging, I pick the second one with header on "HTML images for Ebay, Livejournal, MySpace, etc. "
  4. Preview the selection
  5. Adjust the size. Somehow, photobucket always get it too big in the height and I use the following dimensions for size:
    height: 325 (suggested is strangely set at 430 that is too big for me)
    width: 345
  6. Simply paste the html code to a blog post in "Edit Html"
  7. In Compose mode, blogspot sometime have issue with the missing closing 'embed' html tags and you usually get a warning in submitting the post. It can be easily fixed in finding and adding the missed closing tags for embed

For instance, video in Photobucket

And for the same video uploaded in YouTube, the procedure is very much similar and I resize it to the same dimension on height="325" and width="345" for easier comparison.

For short videos captured with lower resolution such as that in my digital camera Casio ex-z750, I favor Photobucket over YouTube for less compression in the upload and conversion process to Flash Video (FLV). You can see the digitized effects with lesser quality in YouTube and I believe it has something to do with aggressive compressions that are quite understandable for YouTube in dealing with massive data volume coming into their sites. As for now, I get lucky in finding PhotoBucket and the free account comes with restriction on 5 minutes of video which is plenty for my use.

More samples are given in the next post comparing YouTube vs Photobucket.


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