Fuji f30 Test Shots

I have just purchased fuji f30 as my 2nd p&s for over a week. The purchase completed part of my quest for the next camera. And here are few test shots in low lighting without flash taken in Yahoo Year End party

And a few indoor pictures taken in mall and Ikea during weekend

While I am pleased with the low light capability of the camera, I am still struggling with fuji f30 in many aspects as a new user. And perhaps, I have the wrong expectation on the camera on its high iso capability.

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Anonymous said...

I think your pictures are excellent. I am awaiting my F31 which I ordered last week. Now I'm looking for tips on dealing with some of the issues, and your post covering your experiences with the F30 is exactly what I was looking for. Hope it is a good camera for you!

Hin Man said...

Thanks for the comment. Though some initial struggles on using Fuji f30, I have to say that I find the f30 a great camera. Some of my problems have to do with my lack of experience with the camera. I am sure your purchase of f31 will be rewarded with satisfying experience.

Sridhar said...

I landed up here from dpreview forums. I am going to get F31fd soon. This blog is exactly what I am looking for. F30 is the closest thing to F31fd and you are doing a good job documenting compression, uploading to photobucket, embedding etc.

Keep going!

Anonymous said...

Hin man: I currently have a F30 which I really like also a Z750 and a Canon SD800.. Sister just lost her camera and I told her I would send her one, free of course. What one would you part with.. ;) I like the Z750 video and audio quality are excellent. The F30 low light pictures are outstanding, but of course overstarated pics during the day on Auto mode. The Canon is very good as well.... My main camera is a Nikon D-80..

So far I have narrowed it down to the Z750 and F30, just not sure which to part with yet...

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