Hand Holding with Fuji F30

#1 0.25 sec, f/4.3, 18.1 mm, iso 400, 0ev with Fuji F30
Macau SaiWan Bridge with Fuji F30
#2 0.5 sec, f/4.5, 38mm, iso 200, -1/2ev with Pentax K100D
Reflections with Pentax K100D & DA 18-55
After posting the hand-holding shots in Macau with Fuji F30, I get asked about if I have any special techniques on hand-holding with long shutter speed. I normally try to avoid shutter speed longer than 1/8 th of a second as that is my comfort zone and experience of getting sharp pictures. I do recommend using a tripod or relying on the SR feature as available in my Pentax K100D. But here is the summary of things that I remember doing in taking the Macau Night Time pictures when I totally don't have a tripod with me.

My two legs and steady hands are the substitute of a tripod with a three point balance. And unlike a dSLR that I can use my forehead with added balance from behind the camera, I have to rely on my hands to keep the camera steady. I focus on good balance in holding the camera with two hands that is snugly tight in between half press to final shutter release while getting the camera close to my body with elbows press firmly but comfortably against my chest. Few points that I usually focus on:
  1. Keep arms relax before half-press to get focus lock.

  2. Have elbows close to my chest for extra support

  3. Keep good balance using both hands on the camera. I always rely on the rugged thumb rubber in my F30 for a firm hold from my right hand and my left hand is holding my camera with thumb and index finger clamping like a letter 'C' shape around the left side of the camera.

  4. Review shot on screen, re-compose the frame when needed

  5. Hold breath from half-press to the final shutter release
What really helps me perhaps is the good ergonomics in Fuji F30 that without any OIS, I manage to take many 1/4 seconds shots in iso 400.


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