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My older son had a man to man chat with me two nights ago and we discussed what we would do with the first $100 advertising revenue from Google AdSense, I ponder for a moment and asked him where he would like me to take him out for celebration -- a dinner or something. And he immediately asked me when I would make it to $2000. And I was so embarrassed to tell him that in the current rate of how my blog pages are going, that would only happen in 20 years. And he is so cute in following up with me that he thinks $100 is a lot of money and we should celebrate it wholeheartedly for the $0.01 sum of money accumulated from the $$$ empire behind AdSense.

And my younger son is just as cute. He keeps non-stop saying
'Oooooh Man' with me and he probably picks it up from me every time I login to my AdSense account.


Anonymous said...

OK. I just did 3 clicks on Ad Sense. Hopefully, you'll reach your goal before summer ends.


Anonymous said...

What adorable boys! Lucky you and lucky them for having such a doting dad. Just followed Julian's lead and clicked on all the ads, $100 is a great goal, for starters! :)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi sir! Great to hear that you have succeeded achieving your first US$ 100 -> You need to celebrate it!!

Hin Man said...

Thank you to all who offer comments and encouragement.

... said...

Congrats on the milestone...

My blog ( 3 months old & have accumulated just $4.65 :(

Unknown said...

Hello Dear!!Congratulation!!I made y clicks!!I hope you will rich your next $100 very soon!!Have a nice and rich day Regards Silvana

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