Morning with Pentax Kit's Len


This is a park within walking distance from my home and I strolled along before seven in the morning. This is the unusual time that I wake up that early. But sometime the photography urge and not-having-enough-time will bring me to the scene. Somehow a early wake up call is what I need. Photos taken with K100D and kit's len.

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Anonymous said...

Have you ever used a circular polarizer with your K100D? I have tried using one, but keep have problems with the AF...or something.

Hin Man said...

I have not used a polarizer and I don't think I know enough to comment correctly. Is it possible that you need to turn the polarizer in a angle to help focusing before you turn again to achieve the polarizing effect? With the polarizer in certain angle, the viewfinder shows darker lighting through the lens and I would imagine the lack of light would degrade the AF performance. It is similar to focus hunting in the dark.

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