Pentax DA 50-200 review

2007-07-12 Pentax DA 50-200 Review does raise some concern for my dependable lens. I need to revisit the site and inputs and discussions among other dpreview Pentax SLR forum members to derive my own conclusion.

I do have bunch of photos made at 200mm and 50mm which I find acceptable. Anyway, maybe I am not trained with the experience to see the edge problems as noted in the review.

At 200mm

At 200mm

At 138mm

At 50 mm

At 50mm

Mosaic on Portraits
Picture link to Portraits with Pentax DA 50-200
Thirsty Water

Though it is slower lens wide open at f/4.0, I find Pentax DA 50-200 very versatile in taking indoor pictures for my kids. It has good color, sharpness, and bokeh for me. And best of all, it is light and I can frame my shot at ease from a farther distance observing my kids without interruption to their fun activity acting out at an any unplanned moment in the day. The above series are totally unplanned in a Sunday afternoon when my two boys have a great laugh in drinking their water. I am yet to look for an external flash to work on indoor portraits.

I love my Pentax DA 50-200, I use it the most among the combo lens with DA 18-55 and the recent purchase of FA 50 f/1.4 and Takumar 28-80 Macro. If I can get an external flash to assist in indoor pictures, it will be a great addition for my kids' pictures for both indoor and outdoor.

Mosaic on hiking
Picture link to Hiking with DA 50-200

Impressions & Notes:
  • Lens is extremely lightweight and it is my go to lens when I want to travel light
  • Lens is ideal for hiking use
  • Lens focal range very versatile especially on portraits and street shooting with emphasis on long end
  • I find softness in 50mm more so than the longer end
  • AF seems reasonable though AF hunts in indoor. Lens not suited to dim light for indoor shooting.
  • Focus ring is right in front similar to kit's lens and I find manual focusing quite alright with this lens
  • Close focusing is good on this lens and I see others with good results with Raynox 250/150.


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Anonymous said...

well what can I say.. it takes pretty darn good pictures.

Maybe I should start bringing my camera with me and take pictures of stuff too.. my dad got me a nice nikon coolpix s7 but i havent been using it that much.. dont really know how to use it well enough.


Anonymous said...

My da 50-200 does not have a good perfonmance. You´re lucky
I have some samples at

Have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

Alas I have to say that I'm absolutely not happy with my 50-200. (On the other hand I like my 18-55 very much.) I totally agree with the review. I replaced the 50-200 by an old 70-200 mm lens, which also was a low budget lens but gives better results, at least in my case.
Maybe it's just a question of luck, a question of finding a good copy of the lens? But in that case we can wonder how good Pentax' quality control is.

tipsy1956 said...

A bad review does not mean a bad lens. It just means that pictures may not look so good at the corners of the lens at large aperture - which for a tele is not too important since the depth of field will be very narrow and focus at the object, which is the key, which is why it is not so important. However for a wide angle lens, corner sharp is critical, especially at small aperture - where you need to take landscape. At larger aperture, corner sharpness for wide angles is also important, though less critical.

As for replacing the kit's lens, it is better to replace with the 35 f2 FA - as it has very good reputation and is relatively cheap. I have tried Sigma 17-70 on a Canon 30d - the problem is that at wide angle, the corners are very soft. There are better replacement for the kit lens - why not try the new Tamron 17-50 lens?

Hin Man said...

Thanks for the comments and suggestion for FA 35 f/2.0. I am very impressed with the lens. And instead of Sigma 17-70, I have chosen Tamron 28-75 f/2.8. I also bought an inexpensive wide zoom with Tokina 19-35 f/3.5.-4.5, a sharpie at wide open aperture.

Dennis said...

My thought on this is that different people have different needs and expectations. Those 50-200mm images on flickr look pretty good to me.

My wife died from cancer a little over three months ago. While preparing for the memorial service I found a number of images in her laptop that I either had never seen before or had forgotten about. The early ones were shot with a 2.1 megapixel Canon PowerShot we'd gotten as a wedding present. To me they look decent on flickr. I put them and the newer images from our *ist DL on a flash drive and took them to Costco. They make gorgeous 4X7 prints for 13 cents each. At the memorial service I got so many compliments on those images. They do look great. When I was shooting film I always took the roll to Costco and got back lovely prints.

I'm not likely to have prints larger than 4X7 made. I bought the K2000 two lens kit from Costco and I've only uploaded one image to flickr. I think it looks pretty good. I haven't even sat down with the manual and looked at the settings to see if I want to change any of them.

The Brits call the kind of images I make happy snaps. I want an image to remind me of something, somewhere or someone that was worth remembering later on and of family members and friends. is looking for pro results. I'm not.

I put this together for Susie's friends and family and my friends who never met her:

I know I've rambled on here but mostly what I'm saying is that I have modest expectations whereas others do not. I think there are lots of us out there who just want to look at an image and smile or laugh.

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