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I seldom use Picasa Tint but today I have a great find in both filtered b&w and tint in the 'Effects' tab of Picasa. Once the 'tint' effect is selected, one can choose a color picker to tint the picture while you are given a slider in preserving the original color

1. Original color
This is the original in color with an slightly overblown background

2. Filtered B&W
This is done with Filtered B&W on mostly orange and red, no sharpening

3. Picasa Tint
This is done with Picasa Tint on light blue with sharpening and no preservation on original color

And I like how the filtered b&w that seems to serve better than simple b&w in that the skin tone seems to be enhanced with filtering on red. I may get it wrong but the result seems enhanced over the b&w trial and the Picasa Tint comes as a pleasant surprise.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, makes me wish Picasa came out for mac. Pretty cool effect. I use Photoshop mostly.

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