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Come July 31, 2007, it was my defining moment seeing a balance over 2 digits. Yeah!!! I finally made it to $100 and I look forward to the celebration with my older boy whom I have a cute Man 2 Man about AdSense conversation. He sort of challenged me in asking when I would make it to $2000. With some renewed energy and insights learned from mistakes, I am charged to meet that seemingly impossible goal. $2000 it is!!! Thanks to my son for the challenge and the manly chat.

My last $40 was made from mid June to July and that was the time when I joined up MyBlogLog and BlogCatalog for community support as well as social networking. And I am here to start an AdSense $100 Movement in which I am picking friends from network who are yet to make that $100 paycheck from Google AdSense. When it comes to AdSense payment, I almost want to use the F word but it is nowhere near enough in calming the frustration that I have with the program. Unlike everyone who brags about their success, I can brag about the misery and frustration in making that $100 mark that AdSense imposes on publishers to reach for the 1st payment.

In order to help all of my friends in BlogCatalog to make that mark, we can all chip in to help with backlinks, I start picking three friends to blog about their blogs and let's pass on that movement from all people who made the $100 mark to all those slaving for that 1st $100 mark. Here are first my first three picks for AdSense $100 Movement started in this
BlogCatalog Discussion by me
  • Blog Cabin I really like this movie review site. It is presented nicely and I trust the ratings in this blog. A lot of detailed information along with good and honest writing.

  • Where is that money I normally don't like reading any blogs that has a 'money' title on it. I will be very suspicious of those blogs. But my friend Gerri has done an excellent job doing all the hardwork in providing valuable information for his audience.

  • Daisy the Curly Cat If you are a cat and animal lover, you have got to visit Daisy' blog. It is a nice find for me to see all the wonderful pictures of a curly cat. Extremely cute and refreshing.
And for all those people that I pick, you are not required to link back but I urge you to pass on the links to two of your fellow bloggers who are yet to make that $100 mark and one other blogger who have posted for this AdSense $100 Movement.

Participating Blog List (to be updated for new comers):


Anonymous said...

You might also want to suggest that along with checking out the person's site, writing a small (~100 word) review, and linking to them, why not check out the person's adsense ads and click one if you are interested in reading more about it. That way it provides cash flow.

A big thing in this is actually reading a little of the resulting ad page. No harm in checking it out.

Hin Man said...

Thank you for the comment but I am not 100% positive on your suggestion. I need to reread on AdSense agreement in not soliciting explicitly to friends for clicks. This is kind of implied rule that we need to follow and it is important that the clicks are legit.

Anonymous said...

good luck to all in their personal quest to make it rich with adsense!

i'm well on my way to my second $100 from adsense, so i'm happy. maybe if i put a bit more effort into it i'd earn more $$$$, but that's not really the driving force behind my blog.

great idea...


Hin Man said...

Steve, thanks for the comment and encouragement. If you join the efforts, I will have my 2nd post to have a link for your blog and more google love will go your way.

Daisy said...

You are very nice! I am so glad that you made your first $100 (and hopefully many more to come). I am going to go check out the other sites.

Fletch said...

Thank you so much, Hin! Glad you enjoyed my site and the others you linked to. I too will check them all out.

Hin Man said...

Daisy & BlogCabin, can you two help participate in the movement in writing a blog post similar to mine and pick out 1-3 bloggers to blog about? Your blogs will be included in the participating blog list which will manifest to bigger numbers if others pariticipate.

roslimh said...

Hi Hin Man,

Thank you for adding my blog to this movement. I wish all of us will have a great success especially you, my friend. Cheers.

joen05 said...

Wow this is a great post! I can't wait to make my first $100 though I admit I haven't had too much success. I like this premise, and I hope you are very successful!

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