Chasing My Boy with DA 50-200

1. IMGP1100, 2. IMGP1101, 3. IMGP1102, 4. IMGP1103, 5. IMGP1104, 6. IMGP1105, 7. IMGP1106, 8. IMGP1107, 9. IMGP1108, 10. IMGP1109, 11. IMGP1110, 12. IMGP1111, 13. IMGP1112, 14. IMGP1113, 15. IMGP1114, 16. IMGP1115, 17. IMGP1116, 18. IMGP1117, 19. IMGP1118, 20. IMGP1119, 21. IMGP1120, 22. IMGP1121, 23. IMGP1122, 24. IMGP1123, 25. IMGP1124, 26. IMGP1153, 27. IMGP1154, 28. IMGP1155, 29. IMGP1156, 30. IMGP1157, 31. IMGP1158, 32. IMGP1159, 33. IMGP1160, 34. IMGP1161, 35. IMGP1164, 36. IMGP1165

I was literally running with my DA 50-200 while hiking with my older boy aged at 5 with fast moving legs and great fondness in playing hike and seek with his slow moving Dad. I could not have made the shots had I not carried my DA 50-200. The lens is an absolute joy in taking pictures outdoor.

And consider that I was actually running, paused and took the shots, the lens does pretty good in capturing the motion in the running. I was a bit off in not getting the full body in many of the shots. And that was likely because of the fact that I was running with him and have little time to frame the shot properly.

I shot the series before I get my FA 50 f/1.4. And I think many of the shots are at a very far distance and I actually used 200mm. I think the FA 50 would be a bit faster in the AF but it can't reach my boy's outrunning me in front.

It is a pure joy in taking this series. I feel like doing paint-ball with my DA 50-200. It is how I feel on that day! I ran after my boy, heart pounding with both hands securing my DA for protection, heavy backpack on my back with ammunition for more power -- battery, kit's len and water. I set zoom at range closer to 200 mm, paused behind my running boy, aim and shoot, and ran again. And in some of the shots in the series, I managed to knell down to get extra stability.

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