Four Letters 'F' Pictures

I have picked four pictures with four letters word starting with 'F' in Fuji, Flag, 4x4 and Fall. Except the first picture, all are taken with Fuji F30.






Ali said...

A lovely, and varied collection.

bidarlah said... many? haha!

kml said...

Ahhh..... Fuji with a Funky tripod. After last week's food theme with the Equal, and your four letter hint for the F, I thought I was going to see a Fork for this week!

KaiBlue said...

fab and fantastic.. I think I like the Fuji composition ..but all are grooving my soul!!

Peace, Kai

Anonymous said...

Love the collection and love the spelling of FUJI in that one. Awesome job. Very creative.

gma said...

They are all good! Like the flags alot!!!!

Hin Man said...

Thank you everyone for the kind visit and comment.

Anonymous said...

Great photos and great combinations. You're very clever!

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