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I am joining the campaign run by in Give Me Your Best Shot in finding the best post in my two blogs that I author. I have selected these two memorable and current posts as my best posts

Instructions & Rules to Readers:
  • Write a post on your blog linking to your best post, and maybe telling us why you like it. Link back to me, using this post, and when I get the pingback, I’ll visit, have a read and leave a comment. If your software doesn’t do pingbacks, link me and leave me a comment telling me to visit. Finish your post by inviting your readers to share their best posts with you in the same way. If you want to, include these ‘rules’ although they’re more like a guide

  • ‘The Rules’
  1. Write a post telling your readers about your ‘best shot’ and link them to it.

  2. Linkback to the blog which first asked you to give your best shot.

  3. Ask your readers for their best posts, and then ensure you read and comment on them.

  • Why?
    What’s the purpose of doing this? To breathe some fresh air into old posts, to share some linkage, to expose readers to new blogs (now will be a good time to de-lurk and publicise your blog!) and maybe get each other some more traffic.
  • Don’t forget that when you read the submitted ‘best shots’ to leave a comment, and also if you enjoyed them to Digg them, Stumble them or whatever seems appropriate.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking part Hin, I shall have a read :-)

Hin Man said...

Thank you Chris for the visit and invitation.

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