My One Money Advice

Picture taken with Takumar Asahi 28-80 Macro

Moolanomy tagged me in his “My One Money Advice” (MOMA) Meme. He was inspired by Blog Action Day and he has tagged four other friends for the post. I believe they all do have interesting and insightful posts for 'My One Money Advice.'

I think Pinyo may have tagged the wrong person for the job. If you do everything the opposite of Hin, you will be living in a different universe in parallel with unthinkable amount of money, fame and power. I should be the last person to learn about money advice but rather my many mistakes that I continue to make.

My one advice is not to compare yourself to others and think about Money all the time. While achieving your financial goals, take time to spend with those you love and treasure.

"Take time for what's important to you,
what makes you happiest,

Take time to be with those you love,
sharing wishes and secret dreams.

Take time to look around at all the gladness the world offers.
All of it is yours, if only you take the time"

-- author unknown

Now that I offer my strangely looking green picture and non-traditional money advice, I want to tag my 5 friends for this "My One Money Advice" -- momoftwicebabies, abhanagar19, myroslimh, Efren A. and Allen

What everyone is saying?


Anonymous said..., that's really beautiful. One reason I did not tag just personal finance bloggers because I want this meme to have the benefit of diversity. Sharing your mistakes is also very beneficial to promote financial responsibility.

You definitely touch on the irresponsible focus on Money at the expense of your life and happiness.

SavingDiva said...

Hin, I think you did a great job summing up the importance of comparing yourself to others, you will be constantly disappointed about what you can't afford...

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