Portraits with Pentax DA 50-200

Picture link to Portraits with Pentax DA 50-200
Thirsty Water

Though it is slower len wide open at f/4.0, I find Pentax DA 50-200 very versatile in taking indoor pictures for my kids. It has great color, sharpness, and bokeh for me. And best of all, it is light and I can frame my shot at ease from a farther distance observing my kids without interruption to their fun activity acting out at an any unplanned moment in the day. The above series are totally unplanned in a Sunday afternoon when my two boys have a great laugh in drinking their water. I am yet to look for an external flash to work on indoor portraits.

I love my Pentax DA 50-200, I use it the most among the combo lens with DA 18-55 and the recent purchase of FA 50 f/1.4 and Takumar 28-80 Macro. If I can get an external flash to assist in indoor pictures, it will be a great addition for my kids' pictures for both indoor and outdoor.

Picture link to Hiking with DA 50-200

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