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Photograph ABC is on letter 'H' this week and I have not come up with any interesting H pictures and I find it the appropriate time to have an 'About' post for myself and this blog page in TechTheMan.

Hin is my first name in Chinese. As someone who loves to take photos of others, I have a difficult time to like myself being photographed. Not that I don't trust others, I just feel awkward to ask others for a favor.

Why This Blog
I intend to use this blog to document my journey from p&s to dSLR and things that I have learned along the path in digital photography, blogging, advertising, the web, imaging tools, software and products related to photo editing, publishing and visual arts.

Camera Gear

Digital Passions
My digital passions started around Halloween time of 2006 with my Casio when I was visiting mall with my family. That was about the same time that I started this Tech Corner blog. Later I became more interested in digital photography that I upgraded with 2nd p&s in Fuji F30 and I have subsequently upgraded with Pentax K100D and my lens assembly are on the inexpensive side.

Why Advertising
I started this blog with intention to join the Yahoo Publishing Network (YPN) as I have been working for Yahoo as a software engineer in Data Warehouse and Yahoo Search that are related to advertisement. TechTheMan and HinTheMan are essentially my means to reinvent my interests into my work area. Believe it or not, I actually got rejected from YPN and I have turned around and use Google AdSense. After 9 months of casual blogging with 3 month dormant with no blog entries,
I reached the $100 mark on July 31, 2007. And I had a man 2 man chat with my older boy who challenged me with a seemingly impossible next goal to reach -- what about $2000, was that much bigger than $100? I have since diversified my advertisement revenue streams with AdBrite, AuctionAds, Commission Junction and ContentLink from Kontera. And the next right thing for me to do is to resubmit my YPN application.

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How you can help
Blogging is both fun and time consuming.
As of the writing of this blog, there is little at all in terms of financial rewards through advertisement as a publisher. Having an audience whom I can share my learning and my pictures give me the most satisfaction. This blog is a journal of my learning path with digital photography. You can help me greatly by leaving comments in blog post for sharing, encouragement and corrections when necessary. Your comments and feedbacks are highly appreciated. It is priceless in the knowledge gained through studies, research, writing and sharing with you all in this blog.

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bidarlah said...

i like the last pic...great angle.

so u a yahooligan haha!

Hin Man said...

Thank you Bidarlah, I listen to you and I swapped the 1st with 3rd to move my shadow picture to 1st position.

kml said...

The shadow self portrait is very creative! Well done!!

Anonymous said...

Great article and great photography! If you are looking to diversify your advertising, you should check us out here at Linkworth. We have the hugest database of publishers to choose from, not to mention have just launched some new products.
Scarlett T.

AVCr8teur said...

I like the self portrait of yourself. That is a creative shot with all the angles.

Anonymous said...

I'm with everyone else. The shadows are perfect in the self portrait.

Neva said...

I love reading your blog....a very talented young man...great photography....I am just a little point and shoot and hope for the best kinda person...just for fun...perhaps I need to be a little more serious but I love reading other's photo blogs...

kamayok said...


Nice photos there. Do you mind to share your menu setting of your K100D?



Enche Tjin said...

Hi Hin, I would like to trade link with my blog at http://www.radiantlite.com I can't find your e-mail address/contact info.

Let me know if you're interested.


Calvin said...


We met in Shoreline Park in Mountain View on Sat afternoon. It was nice talking with you on the gears that you have. And the pictures that you showed me were great!

Would love to hear more about your interesting experiences of using your Pentax to capture the wonderful moments of your life. My email address is jhmiao_2000@yahoo.com. Let's keep in touch.


Anonymous said...

Great post... I really wanted to learn photography...


Sally said...

Thank you for the great website!

I am not a Pentax user (yet!) and I am actually deciding to buy my first DSLR. In fact I am seriously considering Pentax K-x and I have been doing some extensive research around the internet, visiting forums, reading lots of reviews and blogs but it occurs to me that few Pentax users seem to share their pictures taken with Pentax cameras online, although they seem to be very happy with their cameras! Everywhere I go it seems to be either Canon or Nikon. This makes me a little uncertain whether I should go ahead with my choice. But I am really glad I stumble across your blog! Now I am very convinced K-x is the one for me.

Thank you for creating this blog. Beautiful pictures! :)

Hin Man said...

@Sally, thank you so much for your comment. Your feedback make all the hard work of sharing my photo journey all more worthwhile. Kx is a wonderful camera, it is almost the best entry levels that I have seen in recent years from both Pentax and other brands as in Canon and Nikon. In reality, you can pick any of the latest dSLR, you will be rewarded with a wonderful piece of equipment to move up from a point and shoot or a pro-sumer type of camera. Pentax is NOT Canon and Nikon and it is a lesser known brand and there is nothing that can change that. If you like to be the majority brand, pick either Canon & Nikon. If you like to be different and learn photography based on skills instead of 'brand name', you can choose any one and that includes all brands. Of course, I am biased towards Pentax K-x for your first entry level dSLR for the following reasons:

- built in SR in the body and all lens will have the stabilization feature, cheaper and cost effective than Canon with IS or Nikon with VR in every single lens with a higher price tag
- best in high ISO as in iso 1600, 3200 type of shooting
- best in kit's lens quality. The two lens in DA-L 18-55 and DA-L 55-300 will cover most of your needs for the initial investment
- color choice other than black, I bought mine with white color which is my best liking
- ergonomics and sturdy build, it is not the lightest or the most compact, but its ergonomics especially on the hand-grip is quite good. After Pentax, I will like Nikon over Canon in terms of ergonomics. Canon is too plastic and Nikon seems more solid
- outstanding in lens backward compatibility. Check this with either Canon 550 or Nikon D40, they can't have metering with older manual lens and I even don't think the lens mount will fit. Olympus may be better in lens backward compatibility but Pentax is 2nd if not the first in terms of lens mount that can support lens in the last 30+ years, some M42 screw mount lens goes back to the 1960 and even older can still be used with an adapter and metering still work, I call that amazing!

Unknown said...

Im very happy to have found your blog. The KX was my first dslr camera and I love it. I have gotten hooked now and have since bought a couple more lenses (including the 50mm 1.4 prime) and Ive put the K5 on my wishlist, although I might wait for the price to come down a bit.

Your articles are very helpful and your blog is one of my favorite bookmarks.


Crix said...


I found your site looking for infos on the Vivitar 70-150. Unfortunately, you seem to have sold it. Have you found a better tele zoom solution? If so, I am interested :-) because I am still on the search for an affordable one.
Best regards,

Hin Man said...

I have sold my various Vivitar 70-150 and now I don't have a direct replacement. I do have the Tamron 70-150mm adaptall-2 f/3.5 but I like sharpness better on the Vivitar. As long as the serial # starts with 22 and that it is made by Kiron, the Vivitar 70-150mm should be easy to find in ebay. I have tried both the one-touch and two-touch zooms and both have its advantages.

Crix said...

Thanks for your reply! I too am seldomly photographed because the rest of my family like to look at photos, but not taking them -(.

I also use the 5N and have posted some pictures on my blog:

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