Gymboree Girl

Picture was taken by Casio ex-z750 and
'pp' with
Picasa Focal B&W

It was roughly a year ago when I felt very passionate about taking photos with my Casio ex-z750 that I did a blog post on Photography Passion and Digital Passion afterwards and a year has gone by and my love in photography has not diminished. This picture does bring back my vivid memory of starting my digital path with Casio, followed by Fuji and now Pentax.

And now my camera bag is much heavier than my little and pocket-able Casio. Life is more fun and complicated at the same time. The Gymboree Girl was shot while visiting shopping mall around Halloween time and it was taken through the glass window in a Gymboree store. Picture was post processed in Picasa with Focal B&W.


bidarlah said...

Double G huh? clever hehe!

kml said...

I like how she is the only color - the rest is black and white - well done!!

Anonymous said...

What a cute picture. Love the photo effects. You are awesome. :)

Hin Man said...

@bidarlah, I get lucky with this shot from last year. And thank you for visit.

@kml, thanks and it comes with Picasa in Focal B&W conversion.

@dwq_online, thank you. Picasa focal b&w really helps me in this photo.

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