Photohunt -- Smelly

Photo taken with Pentax FA 50 f/1.4
photohunt - smelly, golden retriever with FA 50 f/1.4
I just have a bath
photohunt - smelly, golden retriever with FA 50 f/1.4photohunt logo
Grant is a beautiful golden retriever from my relative family, I love visiting Grant. He is smelly even after a bath but I won't hesitate in hugging him. He is very friendly and very gentle to people with a smiley face. He does look different in every picture I took of him -- some doubtful and some cheerful.

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Sarge Charlie said...

a real beauty, should be smelling good now

Michele said...

What a handsome looking dog! He looks so proud!
The Rocky Mountain Retreat

Carver said...

Grant is gorgeous. I'd hug him too even if he was smelly.

Anonymous said...


Momgen said...

Nice shot of a dog. Looks like our dog.

Anonymous said...

Golden retriever is a smart and handsome dog ! Wonderful post.

I have done my smelly post too.

Happy weekend.

Lynn said...

Grant look so prepped up. Handsome golden retriever.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Yep. Dogs do tend to smell, even the beauties like this one.

Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

Yep, dogs can definitely be smelly. He looks like he wasn't though!

Andree said...

You took such beautiful photos of a beautiful dog. Great shots.

Webmarkia said...

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