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Flying Seagulls with Praktica 28-70 f/3.5-4.8 MC zoom
Flying Seagulls with Praktica 28-70 f/3.5-4.8 MC zoomLord God, I humbly ask of You
The strength to do Your will;
I give to You my talents now
Your purpose to fulfill.
-- Cetas

I am looking for a purpose why He has placed such a strong passion in my life with photography and I am committed more than ever to find out what I can do as a photographer for Him. He must have his plan for me as a photographer. I don't know what I am about to do but I am committed using my passion in His work.

Too many people make a mistake
by burying their talents
-- Our Daily Bread

I am still amateur in photography and one can quiz me on any photography related techniques and background and I will fail miserably in the test. But I do know one thing; when I am behind the viewfinder of my Pentax or the LCD in my Fuji and Casio, I am a person filled with joy and energy I never find in myself.

Panning Night Scenes with cars using Pentacon 50mm f/1.8I thought of the reason why I like photography so much and I relate my passion to how much I love people's faces in smiles and their daily lives captured with feelings and emotions that the Almighty have blessed upon us. I love people and I wish I can be the person who can offer hugs and comforts to others in times of needs, despairs and perhaps another pairs of ears to celebrate in the Lord for the wonders that He has created for everyone of us to enjoy from the warmth and brightness in the morning sun to the beautiful galaxies that we ponder upon every nights in the dark sky above us. Thank you Lord for placing a passion in my life and I give to You my talents now and Your purpose to fulfill.


Shahana Shafiuddin said...

wow, what a picture.

GAWO said...

Nice picture :-)
I invite you to come and take a look in my blog:

Anonymous said...

Love your "that the Almighty has placed on us." yeah! Hosanna, Hosanna to the LORD!

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