Vivitar 28-210 Macro Zoom Test Shots


I sold this lens to another Pentaxian for cheap, roughly $30 just for the lens. And I sold it with a 72mm polarizer and a 72mm UV filter. Though the lens is not very sharp wide open, I can attest that with proper stop down on apertures, it is a reasonable zoom lens for the money.

If you see the lens under $50, I would recommend it as a outdoor zoom lens that one can practice on manual focusing. The lens comes in the heavy side and its minimal focusing length is about 7 to 8 feet on the focal zoom range from 28mm to 200mm and it is not quite usable for indoor shooting. But for outdoor with flower and longer distance to object and the use of 210mm focal length, the zoom is quite usable and the zoom ring is great for manual focusing. One caveat noted with the zoom ring is that it is heavy and can slide zooming in and out without a zoom lock and it may be difficult to use for some situations that need a tilted angle. If you hold it in your hand, that is not an issue but it is impossible to use on a tripod with a tilted angles and remote as you need to hold the zoom ring to prevent it from sliding.

About metering, I use Manual mode with stop down metering in my K100D, with limited testing on the lens, I find the needed adjustment of +0.3Ev to +0.7Ev adjustment on Av aperture and in Manual mode, I adjust the timing to yield the equivalent Ev compensation.

Overall, I would have little complaint about the lens if I buy it again for $50, an inexpensive lens for practicing manual focus.


Anonymous said...

At what focal length were the building shots taken?

Hin Man said...

It should be at the longest 210mm. Please don't expect much from the lens as an outstanding walk around as it is heavy and it does have the restriction about 7 feet for closest distance in focal length other than 210mm.

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