Spriatone Plura-Coat 20mm f/2.8

Spriatone Plural-Coat 20mm f/2.8

Spriatone Plural-Coat 20mm f/2.8

Spriatone Plural-Coat 20mm f/2.8

Here are few pictures of my newly acquired prime with Spriatone Plura-Coat 20mm f/2.8 mounted on my Pentax Super Program Film Body. I have not developed my first roll of film yet and results are yet to be seen. So far, I love this lens in the film body without any digital crop and it yields a wide angle not seen in my other prime lens in 24mm and 28mm. Very nice indeed when I get it roughly sixty something, I find it well worth the money.



Anonymous said...

OK. I am one who reads you emailed blog every time it goes out, and I read it with fervor. I don't offer suggestions because you are way beyond what I do/create. Heck, I don't even have a blog of my own, so how can I critique yours? Saying that does NOT mean I don't like your blog, it just means I enjoy what you put out there, as is. It is you. Mine, if I had one, would be me. See what I mean? A blog is all about you. The style, the shape, and the content of it. It's YOU! And, yes I read your email all the time, look forward to it, I even buy from you.
So please do not stop. You are unique. Enjoy your uniqueness.

K10 owner with many lens'

Hin Man said...

Don, much thanks for the comment. I will take it to my heart for the uniqueness of my blog. What you said really encourages me. I thank you for the comment.

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