Vivitar 70-150 f/3.8 Kiron Test Shots

Ever since I sold my copy of Vivitar "Series 1" 70-210 f/3.5 from Kiron, I missed the Kiron quality in a long zoom and I have good impression on Kiron with two lens that I have

Kiron 70-150 f/3.8

Kiron 70-150 f/3.8
And I subsequently bought a Vivitar 70-150 f/3.8 also from Kiron and manage to test the lens in past weekend taking street photos with the lens and my K100D.

Vivitar 70-150 f/3.8 Kiron Test Shots

Vivitar 70-150 f/3.8 Kiron Test Shots

Vivitar 70-150 f/3.8 Kiron Test ShotsInitial Impressions:
  • Well built like the other two Kirons that I have
  • Lens is sharp at open aperture with f/3.8
  • Filter thread is 52mm
  • Focusing ring is great for manual focus
  • My version is one touch zoom with pull/push to select zoom and turn to focus
  • Focal range great for portraits in 70-150mm
  • Very inexpensive to get
  • Color tends to have blue color in high contrast area
  • Both 70mm and 150mm of the zoom seems solid performer


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