Pentax Auto 110 & Morning Coffee

Pentax Auto 110 with Kodak Gold Film 200

Pentax Auto 110 with Kodak Gold Film 200
I put this miniature SLR camera into my to-be-sold items and so far I am undecided whether I should part away with this cute camera. The first roll of test film was destroyed when I found that I had a dead battery and the battery was inside the film compartment and I am onto the fifth frame of test shots on the 2nd roll of Kodah 200 film. If you think that I should not sell it to my good friend, please comment and show your support that I should keep it.

I know once I see some good pictures from this camera, I would have a harder time to sell it. This camera is very small and I can have it in my backpack similar to another point & shoot. And I have three lens with the camera 18mm, 24mm, and 50mm when I purchased it as a set with winder and 8 different filters for $120. So far, I am very impressed with the viewfinder and the picture taking with it is quite easy to handle. I get stuck in deciding to trim this or not, please comment and show your support.



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