Purple Fringe with Tamron 70-300 Di LD Macro

I try to have a simple write up on how I handle purple fringe (colored fringes along edges on areas of high contrast.) This happens more often on Tamron 70-300 Di LD Macro but it does not stop me from finding the lens dependable as the cost of the lens is so inexpensive and I just learn to work around the problems. In general, I pay more attention to the shots made with this lens
  • Avoid backlit area with high contrast
  • Use smaller aperture. Use f/8.0 instead of f/5.6 for long end in the zoom
  • Use higher iso instead of bigger aperture
And the following picture is sample of purple fringe around the rock area as well as the off focus area with purple color in the bokeh

Purple Fringe sample with Tamron 70-300 Di LD Macro

And without photoshop and other commercial tools, I manage to use the following free software tools:

  • XnView
    • An free utility for viewing and converting graphic files.
    • Accepts Photoshop plugin
  • PFree
    • A free photoshop purple fringe plugin
Once I get PFree plugin to properly install on my XnView, I can call and execute the plugin on the above picture. I used all the default settings from Pfree and the results come out way better than the original picture, I am happy as a clam for the results

Purple Fringe correction with Tamron 70-300 Di LD MacroThe easiest area to spot the difference is on the rock area. I also have another image tool viewer called Irfanview which works more advanced than XnView and it also accepts photoshop plugins and I will report back how PFree works in Irfanview



Jeyaprakash said...

A good post with good information. I am planning to get this one as it is good for value for my canon. But still, as I come across many moderate (not so good) reviews about this lens, I am also having an idea to go for Canon 55-250 IS. Your post gives me some hope that I could manage with this less even if there is purple fringing. Thanks!

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