LBA Management

What is LBA?

LBA stands for Lens Buying Addiction and this acronym is well known in the Pentax user forum and I think it originally comes from Lance B in the dpreview forum. There are many incarnations that comes after LBA and that include Camera Buying Addiction as in CBA.

Collage on Pentax camera -- LBA Management
LBA/CBA Challenges

I applaud at the LBA challenge that many forum friends have raised as I had initiated similar challenge before among members in It sort of works and it has both pros and cons. Few others and I manage to reach a 3 month milestone without purchase of new lens, cameras and even go to the extreme of no watchlist in eBay for 3 months. Each of us went through a different path to get there. I recapped all from start to finish, it was a blast to finish the challenge. Though it really sucks for me towards the end, it is well worth the effort.

As for individual experience, the first month is the most rewarding and memorable. The 2nd month is the hardest to resist and the 3rd month totally wrecks my spirit with a lot of regrets in facing the temptation. And there is also the point of gear ban release and quick relapse back into LBA/CBA activity right after the challenge.

In a way, those LBA challenge can work out and let you see yourself with lens need and want. The best thing for me to come out with a picture of what I want to buy next with a better plan than when I first started the challenge. Second, it help me to think, put all of my gear to good use, and help to trim all less used gear. I trimmed 14 items as a result of a 3 month challenge in Hin's Camera Gear's Sold Items

What works well:

  • Have a road map on what to buy and what to sell
  • Find a buddy system to report how you do and hold you accountable for the activity
  • Use your gear into memorable pictures instead of researching gear
  • Fight the tempation in going out and take pictures of the lesser gear and challenge your photos with those taken by better gear.
  • Use what you have and make your gear proud of you.
  • Focus on learning with in-the-field experience. Always put photo opportunity and learning as your first priority in the hobby and the rest will come naturally in suppressing LBA.
  • Discuss with photo critique rather than what lens you use
But I do caution that the exercise does not stop me from LBA, instead, I admit that LBA is part of the fun of the hobby. With a new lens, whether it is purchased according to plan or something ebay/marketplace deal that is hard to let go, my hobby is jazzed up a notch or two with excitement from new gear. If a piece of gear is purchased according to plan, there is little guilty feeling on my part with money spent. My road map plan does work well for me to stay on course. The exercise does give me time to clear up my mind on what I want to purchase next instead of rushing into the lens praised by others.

Why LBA is important
  • As far as I can tell and admit, LBA is part of the fun in the hobby. It is a lot of hard work to maintain one's gear not to become an addiction of buying. Yes, pleasures come from owning gear. But so does headache and confusion that come with too many similar gear.
  • LBA get us to feel guilty. The thought and attitude that LBA is a huge problem depresses us with guilty pleasure. But the fact is true that addiction comes in a form of spending excessively without control.
  • LBA get us to think what we need and what we want. The wanting part with desire for the unknown and the thoughts of owning something worthy of pride get us goining in the wanting to get more lens than we need.
  • LBA is not necessary a bad thing. Each time I open a box of new and used lens that arrived from USPS/UPC/FedEx/Postal office. My heart and soul goes with the new glass. Be it a junk in others' gear or the jewel of one's collection, it is mine! It has better be good and shine with memorable photos in the shooting. LBA raises up our interest and stop us from getting lazy staying home with TV and computer.
  • LBA needs to be managed and manage well. It is a thin line between addiction and serious enthusiast buying needed gear for advance in learning, new approach, new endeavors and perhaps new business in the making

LBA needs to be managed
  • As far as my experience goes, there is no effective known cure to LBA and the aftermath of guilty feeling. It needs not be cured. It needs to be managed instead. Why fight the thoughts and limit yourself to your existing gear.
  • I am seeking solutions myself and hope to cover LBA management in a series of topics with suggestions and discussions among others



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