Triming on similar lens 45-125, 50-200, 70-150, 70-210

vivitar series1 70-210 f/3.5 tokina, Pentax k 45-125 f/4.0, Kiron 70-150 f/3.8, Pentax DA 50-200 f/4.0-5.6Vivitar Series 1, K 45-125 f/4.0, Kiron 70-150 f/3.8, DA 50-200 f/4.0-5.6

What have I done!

I am in the process of trimming my gears and I can't find the logical choices as all four lens are similar and I like them all.
In lure of my efforts in cutting down my gear to the minimal, I target to cut 2 out of the four. My ideal is to sell them all and save for DA* 50-135 but that would be sometime to come

  • Pentax DA 50-200 f/4.0-5.6
  • Penatx K 45-125 f/4.0
    • This is a rare find for K mount lens. I can roughly get back $125 to $150 for the lens
    • It has the best color among the three but it is very heavy like a DA* 50-135 and I call it the poor man's choice of DA* zoom
    • It has one touch zoom design with fast focusing and zooming ability
    • The lens is front heavy and zoom ring tends to fall towards the front
    • The lens is best for portraits for its range. The fast focusing and zooming is also a great character of this rare lens
    • Though not super fast, I find the constant f/4.0 plenty for the zoom

  • Kiron 70-150 f/3.8
  • Vivitar Series 1 70-210 f/3.5 Macro (from Tokina)
    • I have not reveiwed this lens. But a previous purchase of the version #1 of Vivitar Series 1 70-210 f/3.5 1:2.2 Macro from Kiron left me a pleasant memory on the Series 1 zoom with constant speed. The Kiron is truly phenomenal in terms of color, contrast and sharpness but it weighs 879g and the lesser weight of 710g in Tokina version #2 in the series 1 get me to buy again
    • I probably get back $40 to $80
    • Construction is not as good as the Kiron but it is still well built
    • Weight at 710g is reasonable for a fast lens with constant aperture at f/3.5
    • Macro is weaker on this lens and I think it is 1:4 in close up. Not as good as the Kiron version but I have problem with the Kiron in hand-holding for close up at 879g.

So far, based on my usage pattern, my Kiron 70-150 f/3.8 is probably the first candidate to go as I use it the least. But that lens is the cutest among the three. It is well constructed lens from Kiron. I will sure miss its sharpness and size. It is a shame that I get into owning similar lens before I realize that I have
lens not used in my gear.

Kiron 70-150
Kiron 70-150 f/3.8, Pentax DA 50-200 f/4.0-5.6Kiron 70-150 f/3.8, DA 50-200

What I have learned:
  • Think twice about buying lens of similar focal range. Ask yourself if the new one is a replacement or something that you expect better in the newer gear.
  • Follow up with testing to find the winner and trim the loser
  • Have an exit plan if new lens don't match up with expectations.
  • Have another exit plan if you like both just as much -- toss the coin, ask others for ideas or sleep on it.
  • Access risk of in-decision in trimming
  • Don't rush into selling, take the time to rate each lens with use and do comparison for my own liking
  • For the least used gear, it is time to take it out and test it out again as a brand new gear. It is like a new gear old stock to be debuted with pictures



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