Pentax 300mm f/4.0

Pentax 300mm f/4.0

Pentax 300mm f/4.0

Pentax 300mm f/4.0

Vivitar Series 1 70-210mm f/3.5 Tokina, Pentax 300mm f/4.0, Carl Zeiss 180mm f/2.8 (M42)
I am in full blown LBA buying modes. I don't need a long glass as I do have a Tamron 70-300 Di LD Macro that cover my need in 300mm and with the Pentax F-1.7x AF TC and Tamron Pz-AF 1.4x TC, I can go to 340mm and 510mm the expensive of losing 1.5 and 1 aperture full stops.

When I see the combined sale from another Pentaxian with Pentax F-1.7x AF TC, I went for this 300mm, which many have called the good 300mm on the budget minded. I bought way too many lens that I can afford to explore. It is such a shame that I only tested this lens on Veteran day where I can't ship out the lens to a wonderful buyer. Test shots from far away objects are amazing sharp, even wide open in f/4.0 aperture. It is a heavy lens and it has a long length and without tripod colar but I still find it very useable in hand-holding for far distance in the 1/2 mile range. I find myself looking for bracing the hands in taking the shot. All test shots are done hand-held fashion with some bracing on a rail. Ideally, I look for a flat wall to back me up for my preference in bracing shots at ease of my back.

Test Photos:

All test shots are done hand-held and the views go through a glass window which may hamper the sharpness in the test shots.

Pentax 300mm f/4.0 Test Photos
Pentax 300mm f/4.0 Test Photos
Pentax 300mm f/4.0 Test Photos
Pentax 300mm f/4.0 Test Photos

Impressions & Notes:
  • Very dependable long tele
  • Pictures are amazingly sharp wide open
  • Really prime quality as compared to my consumer zoom lens in Tamron 70-300 Di LD
  • Lens is manual focus and metering but that does not bother me
  • Focusing is quite good for this long and heavy lens
  • Still possible to do hand-holding. I am surprised! Though a bit tired, but bracing and proper standing with nearby objects can support the shot taking with this heavy lens
  • Lens don't come with tripod collar, I see people using self made tele lens support
  • PF is not easily found in test shots
  • Lens has a built in lens hood which is excellent
  • Lens has a good build quality of good old K version of Pentax lens
  • Highly recommended and I would buy again if I manage to trim other lens in the next round



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