Hiking with Tamron SP 28-135mm adaptall-2 28A

I bought Tamron SP 28-135mm f/4.0-4.5 adaptall-2 (28A) from forum friend Ryanwho priced it low for me to enjoy my first adaptall-2 zoom lens.

Initially, I was not too impressed as not having a lens hood seem to yield picture of flatter contrast. I bought a 67mm 3-stage lens hood, added a Hoya UV filter and tried it again on the weekend. The lens is pretty decent and it has a very usable range. Sharpness is decent. And it allows A aperture if you have the adaptall-2 pk/a adapter. I don't see a lot of discussion on this lens, but I find it a good manual zoom that covers a good focal range. It is on the heavy side and though it has a 1:4 close up, its minimal focusing distance is about 6 feet and I wish it is shorter than that.

Tamron SP 28-135mm adaptall-2 28A test shots

some fringing on the water
moderate, I would think

Tamron SP 28-135mm adaptall-2 28A test shots

Tamron SP 28-135mm adaptall-2 28A test shots

Tamron SP 28-135mm adaptall-2 28A test shots

hat's label quite sharp
in pixel peeping

Tamron SP 28-135mm adaptall-2 28A test shots

Hiking & Portraits impressions:
  • I love that focal range from 28mm to 135mm, better than 50-135mm or 28-75mm
  • I find the lens focal range good for hiking and portrait.
  • The focus throw is short, about 1/4 turn, and it allows quick focusing.
  • 1:4 close up in the 28mm end is found decent in the center
  • sharpness in good lighting is found great, indoor is perhaps a bit too slow
  • minor zoom creep towards the long end for my copy
  • a bit heavy but easy to handle



damema said...

so cool!
i found this page that i search for 28A.
because, i bought this lens yesterday and shot today.
i thought TAMRON's SP LENSes are so fine.
see you!

Hin Man said...

@damema, it it too bad that I sold this lens already as I have lens that cover similar range. It is a good lens to use though I found some zoom creeping in my copy.

Marcus said...

See my review on pentax forums - you can use the macro mode to improve CFD

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