Kiron 2x matched multiplier

Kiron made good lens and I am fortunate to have an inexpensive copy of Vivitar 70-150mm f/3.8 in m42 mount that comes with the Vivitar/Kiron 2x matched multiplier. The matched multiplier can be used as a 2x TC on other lens such as my Soligor 200mm f/2.8 in M42 mount with reasonable results.

Unlike K mount adapters, this m42 adapters are made in metal construction which are better built for longer lens that has heavier weight. I actually prefer the use of this 2x TC when I am using my 200mm as the Kiron 2x TC has a better screw thread in mounting to my K body than my my 200mm lens alone.

Kiron made 2x TC is quite decent


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