Pentax DA* 50-135mm f/2.8 on Puppies

It turned out to be much more difficult shoot than I expected. The puppies are all running and my AF.C combined with predictive AF along with my inexperience and inability to get their attention turned into a lot of bad shots.
  • three puppies licking my lens in turn
  • they played tug of war on my camera bag
  • they ran to greet strangers by the minute
  • they laid low on their head
  • they out-run me with a camera in the green lawn

There has not been a similar time that I felt under-equipped in both skills and gear. I was frustrating at first with the AF.S on center focal point (my default), and then I moved to AF.C and and tried between the selective focal point and that of the camera predictive focusing -- the one on left on K20D. I was overwhelmed with the lack of my experience and how the AF performs on the running puppies. And I totally forget to skip the AF and go directly into manual focus, I should have tried that but I was not confident in my manual focusing timing and accuracy for moving objects.

Some of the puppy shots, many are deleted due to errors of focusing and blur. I picked Pentax DA* zoom for the job instead of my normal portrait zoom with Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8


Bakkanekko said...

Uwaaaahh!! cute dogs! Are those your photographies? I love them! you're work are really pro!
I do macro photography too, but still newbie ^__^;

Hin Man said...

Thank you! Yes, all were shot with the Pentax DA* zoom and K20D. I am not professional and I am learning as I encounter another shooting opportunity.

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