Photosniper Tair-3 PhS 300mm f/4.5 Purchcase

I have recently purchased 2 copies of this lens. The one with a stock gun rifle arrived in the weekend. The user menu is quite interesting with a handsomely dressed guy in a suite playing with the Photosniper in the field. I can fancy myself as an agent in reading that menu. It is perhaps how they attract sales with that user menu nicely done with very polished b&w photos. Some scan of the user menu to share
Menu cover

Dressed in suite

And here is another scan of the components
picture from this Zenit FS-3 user menu scan
And my 1st copy is yet to arrive without the gun stock
My 2nd copy with gun stock
picture from previous owner
"C Conway aka SpyStyle"
And blades are all circular in all f-stops
Very heavy lens
about 3.5lb/1.6 kg



YJD said...

So, is that the lens you picked for your 400mm and decide to go to a 300mm only?
If not, are you still looking for a 400mm lens?

Anyway, can't wait to read your test!

Unknown said...

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Andrew said...


That is the most interesting lens accessory i've ever seen! Can't wait to see how the photos look through it...


Anonymous said...

hi im looking for a zenit es boddy I have the lens and stock all I need now is the camera.If anyone has one please contact me at

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