Giottos Rocket Blower Large

Giottos Rocket Blower Large & SmallI highly recommend the blower as it solves my dust problem for most cases. Giottos has two sizes and I have both. I have the smaller one in my camera bag and the bigger one at home for the tougher job. The bigger one is stronger. If you watch the Curt Fargo's demonstration of the wet method, he uses the bigger blower and he uses it with a swift motion across the sensor. I prefer to hold the camera facing downward and puff air from below in a swift motion across the sensor. I leave the blower tip at about 1" to 2" clearance from the lens mount. I highly recommend the blower as the 1st method to attempt and use the wet method as the last resolution as risk is involved.

When I bought the Large Giottos blower from micor-tools, Curt wraps it in a strong industrial plastic bag to seal the blower and he recommends a clean storage for the blower for the obvious reason in avoiding dust accumulation in the blower.

There are cases that dust or pollen are sticky on the sensor and repeated trials on using both blowers fail to remove the dust, and I use the wet method as the last resort. For most of my need, the blower works.



Anonymous said...

Good to hear, I have the same one :-)

Hin Man said...

I am using my bigger blogger more often than the smaller one. Thanks for the comment.

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