Pentax K-7 Videos

I have gathered few videos related to Pentax K-7 on YouTube. The buzz on Pentax K-7 has been strong since the count down from early May. I am as excited about Pentax K-7 as anyone who have enjoyed Pentax dSLR. I am especially interested in learning more about the AF improvements from the final product available later in July.

Unofficial Promotional Video
from Nick
I wish the offical one is just as exciting

I especially love the mixing of continuous shutter and the audio track in the video. If Pentax or author can refine the transition and font display, Pentax can really use it for the promotion. The video reminds me of my favorite Discovery Channel with Man vs Wild. Perhaps Pentax can take note in the promotion. Bear Grylls with Pentax K-7 will definitely get my vote of approval


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