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I managed to use iWeb to update my website within few hours of effort. There is minimal programming needed. I have not even touched a single line of HTML or JavaScript code. It is both nice and limited in terms what I can do in the page. Most pages are done in the nature of selecting a theme and duplicate page elements. I have used both the Flickr slide-show and that of Pictobrowser to compose Galleries. And I am experimenting similar slide-shows in the Portfolio section.

And I make use of Wowzio rss widgets to serve as a digest to my own authored blogs in Hin's Photo Blog and Hin's Tech Corner. I am thrilled with the results but I am a bit unsettled on the website for several important elements that are quite lacking in iWeb. Here are few of them:
  • No provision for sitemap.xml -- this will hamper search optimization
  • No editing option to add meta tags into html header
  • No support for guest book
  • No notion of a common header and footer where I can enter statcounter code properly
And here are few places that I have either found a solution and find tools and links that are worth visiting for iWeb related topics:


Yael DeFaye said...

Nice website, it was a bit slow to load for me but I think that's my computer.
Oh! I like your pictures too. Your new site but them more in value.
Do you prefer Flick or Picasa for you pictures and why? It looks like you prefer Flick but would like to know why and why you don't like as much Picasa.

Hin Man said...

Thank you Yael for the feedback. I need to re-work my website when time allows. The iWeb authoring tool in iMac, though easy and quick to setup a web page, is quite limited and I plan to move my website to wordpress in hosted domain later on.

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