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Domain Forwarding
I have an headache with all the migration to a custom domain. Things seems to work for both the old and new domain for my blog post
but redirection to new domain has not been working yet. When I type in the old address, I expect a 301 redirect to the new domain. I bought the custom domain from and with some reading in this helpful article from Google, it looks like the domain forwarding will be taken care of. It would have been a more pleasant experience had I read all the instructions before the purchase. And I hope in another day or two, the forwarding will happen naturally.
w3c html validation
Another biggest headache is to deal with all the xhtml markup errors from Blogspot. The W3C xhtml validator will give hundreds of errors and it takes insane effort to get it down.

p.s: Image from my flickr contact: meladegypsie

  • It takes 72 hours for the domain forwarding to take place. And now every thing works as expected as my old address now redirects to my custom domain.



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