Yoda meets Pentax -- Swear No More


Yoda Training 102 -- Swear No More
Yoda Mod 101 -- Bash No More
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All coming to get you -- Yogi Be Warned
"Very few PF members have followed my blogs like they do with RH blogs. I wrote the Nikon Dark Force story a while ago when I got tempted with Nikon D90.

Excerpt from my fictional writing on Sept 15, 2008
about one year ago when D90 tempted me

"Originally Posted by TechTheMan Blog post

Nikon Dark Forces with D90 -- Yoda Training

What did Yoda say to Luke Skywalker when he switched from Nikon to Pentax?

"Your VR lenses, you will need them not."

"Don't be too tempted by the Dark Side, may the Pentax SR forces be with you"

With the continued temptations. Luke SkyWalker tried to borrow the stick from Master Yoda and made a monopod out of the good old stick from Master Yod. And he asks Master Yoda to teach him to shoot with steady hand without VR. And Luke compromises on his 1/4th second hand holding shutter limit capability and intend to stay strong with the Nikon dark forces of marketing.

Temptation still runs strong and Luke comes to Master Yoda for better advice. Master Yoda snaps him on the face and quickly grab back his stick. He then pads on Luke and say, "Luke, are you nuts! I need my stick for the movie. I look old and I can't do without my stick. The hellwith your Nikon dark forces." And Luke replied, "my Master Yoda, you look younger without the stick, you may find girlfriend easier. No need to hide in a movie." And Master Yoda thinks for a moment and kicked Luke from the bottom, "What girlfriend, there isn't any of my kind." Luke pointed to Wall-E and Master Yoda is furious and hit Luke harder and completely whack him from top to bottom. His Nikon thoughts vanishes in a sub-zero second rate but the misery remains.

Luke disappeared into the dark journey with a fainted heart but a good lesson from Master Yoda. He keeps thinking what he should have done with the mess he has created with his master. Stick no more! His hands now shakes faster than his Nikon can burst in 4.5 shots per second. His head and butt hurts with the physical pain inflicted by the encounter with Master Yoda. His spirit is up though as Master Yoda asks him to clear his mind and conscience with Wall-E to get his thoughts straight. Wall-E follows the honorable request and keeps company with Luke and cheers him up with lots of movie on demand from Wall-E collection. And Luke recovers gradually with his vision, thoughts and senses.

Luke finds peace with Master Yoda walking with a stick like before, and they are coming for a reunion to plan for the Nikon dark forces attack with D90. Luke is with Yoda and stays strong against the Nikon dark forces. He trains himself up with Wall-E who helps him with video and movies in supersonic definition in the latest camyoda format not found in D90. And Wall-E always have great movie capture from 8mm, hi-def to supersonic definition on demand and on-archive.

Life seems not as bad as we thought but the questions remain with others tempted by the latest Nikon dark forces with Nikon D90."

Inspired with discussion in photo.net with Miserere




Be warned! Master Yoda uses his walking stick violently upon bashing and swearing kind of language. He is known in the universe as the true master that whack out the followers with a Pentaxian emblem of "I swear no more, Yoda training 102." Take it from the life victim of 102, HinTheMan, with a 102 emblem sealed on his forehead. I kid you not and I will never ever forget that whacking stick from master Yoda.

Learn it NOT from the master but from the follower who now swears ONLY in the confine of his signal free hijack bedroom stealth storage-rack with dark force knock out look alike nano-console and xPod filled with Yoda game-pad on-demand module NOT allowed by master Yoda. PM me if you are interested in the xPod module that stab and curse our dearest master Yoda at your delight LOL moment with Lol645D time and K-xC mood driven settings. And I ran the bork consortium on Lol645D which currently has two members -- the designer and the richest dude in DeepShiz09 Quandrant D700 Sector 5D.

I see no Yogi reply and I wonder if this is way out
of line but I dream on whenever I can afford to find
a moment for Pentaixan thoughts to fight
the norms of bashing and swearing
in Pentax community
Your Best Pentaxian
HinTheMan -- Jay Leno Not


Anonymous said...

Get a life, play with your kids! It's amazing what so many people does online these days to make pennies. Camera is just a tool, it is not worth spending any adult time (yes, you are acting like a teenager) defending it or anything fanboys do to support the companies. You have already supporting them by paying for the equipments. Definitely not worth losing any sleep or brain cells over.

Hin Man said...

I welcome your visit and comment. It is interesting that you brought up that I acted like a teenager. That is exactly what you are missing in your mental mind. I take that as a surprising complement and you have unknowninly made my day much happier. It is just too bad that you forget to leave your name as I would include all people who have subscribed to my blog, have made valuable suggestions, offered comments in any of my blog posts, to have my first give away planned in either year end or Thanksgiving. Perhaps as early as Halloween. The gift items are finalized as

1. [sure] A brand new REI Ultrapod II tripod -- I wish I can order a few for gifts for future use as well as gift to special friends.

2. [sure] A brand new SpectraLight Flash Light Diffuser which I highly recommend for newbie strobist like me.

3. [maybe] A used film camera such as Pentax SuperProgram or a M42 camera with new a new roll of film and battery. Idea is to experience film

Thanks again! It is not too late to comment, bash&trash, subscribe and suggest. All you need is a name to put in. No need to tell me the email. Just a unique name that you pick out.

For people who don't want to reveal themsellf, use a unique ID that you come up to identify yourself -- creativity and uniqueness will help you way more than the default "anonymous."

Anonymous said...

No, I am not interested. I am actually leaving your blog due to your recent blogging trend. I enjoyed your equipments review but it seems that you are trying to generate more traffic at all cause, including begging and trashing others.

Good luck!

Hin Man said...

Point well taken from you.

All the best!

Henry said...

I sorta agree! What happened to you Hin Man? I have been reading your blog and posts on photo.net and Pentax Forum for a while now and whatever you are trying to do, it seems very unlike you and very very weird. Don't worry about what others say about Pentax, it is not worth it. I bet many of your readers who don't know Rice High are now reading his blog. I believe content is king so more equipments review is what I love about this blog, not complaining about what others have said about Pentax. We are different, Pentaxians are nice, friendly, who are serious about photography.

Hopefully Yoda would guide you to the right path on becoming Pentax Jedi....ok, that's weird too :)

P.S. I actually agree with RH and personally feel that Pentax is leaving serious photographer out to dry by focusing some of the resources on the color options. Is that how they want to attract and keep customers? C'mon how about better AF Pentax??? This little marketing stun really further cheapen Pentax's tradition. That Nikon D300s and Canon 7D looks real good to me...hmmmm..

Hin Man said...

@Henry, thank you so much for the inputs. It is very invaluable to me to get a sense and guidance that I need from my valuable readers. I thank you for your time. Anonymous in previous comment is an indication that I am onto something not favorite to 2 and perhaps more of my valuable readers. I appreciate both of your honesty, which I highly valued.

I agree with you wholeheartedly on the needed improvement on AF. It is the #1 lacking that I see in Pentax with K20D. I have wishful thinking that the K-7 is a step in the right direction for Pentax/Hoya.

I would have to disagree with you on the color selection in K-x. It is an entry level cameras and I embrace the bold move for offering choices. But I see it as something an logistic nightmare for manufacturing and somewhat not-well-planned out push to have 100 colors combination. I certainly don't like to see different treatment from Japan, US, UK, Europeand other countries. I request Pentax to be a globally responsible company that serves its customers with courtesy and extend features and service without physical boundaries.

RiceHigh is a respected blogger of mine though I disagree quite strongly how he goes about echoing/magnifying known issues and problems on a daily basis. It is very unfortunate that issues and problems are more attractive than the positive progress that Pentax has achieved in K20D, K-m and K-7. Yes, there are issues with Pentax and but echoing it everywhere that draw unfair criticism from Pentaxian and non-Pentax community are doing more harm than good.

Clarification: I am not begging and trashing in my blog as that is not my intent.
I love Pentax but I am no fanboy of Pentax. If Canon or Nikon has an SR body or the limited prime lens that Pentax offer, I will be drooling all over. Again, your points and valuable opinions are well taken by me and your opinions as well as others who comment will shape how I plan my blogging.

RH said...

If you are not a Pentax fanboy, why do you care what others are saying about Pentax? People bashes Canon and Nikon all the time, why don't you defend them too in your blog :)

Anonymous said...

I think Rice High has earned the reputation and rights to bash Pentax as much as he wants. He has been using Pentax for over 20 years. He has the insights and knowledge. You have what? Yoda? It is a joke that you were actually mentioned in his blog. I think he did you a big favor. I just hate someone pretending they know photography with only a few years of experience. Not only that, bashes the more experienced guy. And bashing about your Indian friend who didn't pay you in a public forum...very very low of you. Did you tell them your fees upfront? Or you were concern if you had done so, they wouldn't ask you to be the photographer? OK, enough bashing from me today.

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