REI Ultrapod II mini-tripod & Big Lenses

REI Ultrapod II mini-tripodThe REI Ultrapod II mini-tripod has been my best companion that I always kept it together in the case of my DynaTran Amvona tripod. My recent table top product shots of heavy lens is a testament that this mini-tripod can take on heavy weight. I can always count on it for product shots of my gear. I used it on a 3.5 lb lens with Carl Zeiss Jena Sonnar 180mm f/2.8 in M42 and my latest Tamron SP 80-200mm f/2.8 adaptall-2 30A, it is not a problem for the 1 foot long mini tripod. It is as dependable as I can hope for a product that cost me little when I got it in REI store online about the time that I bought my Pentax K100D in 2007.

3.5 lb Carl Zeiss Jena Sonnar 180mm f/2.8
on Ultrapod II
REI Ultrapod II mini-tripod
Debuting Lens with an attitude
REI Ultrapod II mini-tripod
Maybe close to 4 lbs
with Tamron SP 80-200mm f/2.8 adaptall-2 30A
with metal hood, and 01F 2x teleconverter
and Canon 70-200mm f/4.0 ring collar
REI Ultrapod II mini-tripod
There is a tip that I can share with my readers in hooking up the tripod without a quick release. While there may be an option to buy separate quick release for mounting head, I simply use it as is originally designed. I collapse the three legs and use the collapsed legs to aid to make it easier to screw in the nut onto the mounting hole on tripod ring or camera body. Not the perfect solution but this way of planned mounting will make the mounting task easier.

With legs collapsed
Velcro strap is in place to tie up the legs
REI Ultrapod II mini-tripod
Mount using the collapsed legs to
aid the mounting in clockwise direction
screwing nut onto the the mounting hole in
tripod ring or camera body bottom
REI Ultrapod II mini-tripod
again, legs collapsed and mount first onto lens
tripod mounting hole
REI Ultrapod II mini-tripod

Impressions & Notes
  • Very sturdy and value add for a small mini-tripod. I hope I can find copies to buy as give-away gifts planned for subscribers, commenter, friends of this blog page

  • A great gadget to use in hiking with small setup

  • Absolute joy to use with point & shoot camera

  • Velcro strap may not be strong enough to hold a heavy setup.

  • No issues on using it on table top for set up from 3.5 to 4 lbs

  • Tip in mounting includes using the collapsed legs and Velcro to secure the mounting screw nut onto the mounting hole with ease while turning the collapsed legs in a clockwise direction.



Unknown said...


I also keep an REI mini tripod in my camera bag. You never know when you will need a tripod. It should be in everyone's camera bag.

Hin Man said...

Thank you so much for the visit. I am with you that I always have my ultrapod 2 in my car.

robin said...

You have convinced me that I need one of these. Excellent product shots as always!

r4i software said...

These all cameras and tripod look so nice and attractive I am very excited about this one it look so nice and attractive I liked this one it is really very nice things for us.

Lens Bubble said...

Looks like a good tripod to have in a bag, though I always find that even a monopod is too restrictive to shooting and I prefer to crank up the ISO instead. But for situations where even high ISO won't help, this could be very useful.

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