Pentax DA limited primes on SuperProgram and MX

pentax da 21mm f/3.2 limited, pentax da 40mm f/2.8 limited, mx, superprogram
I am totally naive on film! Specifically, I don't know what my 1st roll of b&w will happen with my SuperProgram using DA 21mm f/3.2 limited. Magically, it seems to meter in Program Auto mode when I tried it earlier. When I tried two shots using the DA 21mm on the SuperProgram, the Programmed Auto mode picks up f/3.5 in ASA 400 iso film in a indoor setting with shutter speed of 1/30 to 1/60 sec. And I don't see the vignetting around the corners.

pentax da 21mm f/3.2 limited, pentax da 40mm f/2.8 limited, mx, superprogram

pentax da 21mm f/3.2 limited, pentax da 40mm f/2.8 limited, mx, superprogram

  • MX: I am much better than you, look at my viewfinder. I am the closest to LX that you can get. Not a chance I go to Marketplace.

  • SuperProgram: You don't have a hand grip and I have 1/125 sync, similar small body. Not a chance I get sold.

pentax da 21mm f/3.2 limited, pentax da 40mm f/2.8 limited, mx, superprogram

MX not metering with DA primes

I am asking around on potential known issues that I will run into. And I mounted my DA 40mm f/2.8 limited onto my MX that I just received from impulse purchase but I don't have the batteries to try out the metering. Once I mounted the pancake DA prime lens, they look appealing and fits into the form factor of a small SLR. The bad news from others are that the MX won't be able to meter without the aperture ring. It does not have the Av, Sv or the important one and only P mode that can work on the SuperProgram. It is not ideal as the camera picks out the aperture for you.

After spending my money on a nice used copy of Pentax DA 40mm f/2.8 that works well in my K20D and the white K-x that are coming in a few days, I can hardly find the reason to get an Pentax M 40mm f/2.8 unless I can find one that is around $100.00. Last year, I bought a used copy of Pentax M 40mm f/2.8 for cheap around $75.0 with a reason in probably separation of element that look like watercolor in reflection upon close examination. I sold it later for $50.00 with full disclosures, the thing is a beauty in the past and present. I really wish the DA to have an aperture ring and it will fit perfectly with the MX. And I really like the form factor of Pentax DA 40mm f/2.8 and it is a good thing to be shorter than 50mm for normal lens, good close up at 0.4 meters similar to FA 50mm f/1.4 and fast AF.

After a test roll of film, I may go about asking a quote on fixing the light sealing from Eric. Or the other alternative is to learn to do the sealing myself.

I am NAIVE on film, I really like my SuperProgram, can someone clue me in why I should fall in love with the MX. I know the viewfinder is bigger but the SuperProgram has so much to offer with Av, M, Tv, B mode and I especially love the extra grip in SuperProgram for better ergonomics in the field. Yes, the Tv mode works in M with two buttons to adjust shutter as mentioned by Steve, very nice to have. The viewfinder in SuperProrgram is about 0.82 magnification [92 % coverage] which is small compared to MX 0.97 magnification [95% coverage]. Please feel free to tell me more what you like most about MX besides the viewfinder. The MX only works in M mode, that is harder for me to get used to after using digital Av and TAv mode for a while.

Impressions & Notes
  • Both DA 21 and DA 40 seem to meter reasonably well in the Programed Auto mode in SuperProgram
  • With consultation from others, MX can't meter with the DA lens
  • I don't see the vignetting in DA 40mm f/2.8 limited for sure. When I tried DA 21mm f/3.2 on SuperProgram, the wide angle view is wonderful and I don't see the obvious vignetting from viewing the view-finder corners. Unlike the time that I play with DA 18-55mm kit's lens, I can see obvious darker corners in the wider ends of the DA kit's lens
  • All are to be confirmed when I develop my 1st film roll using both DA 21 and DA 40 with Pentax SuperProgram
  • I so desire more on lenses with an aperture ring so that I can choose to share with the nostalgic find in the film world. My DA lenses will envy my primes with FA 50mm f/1.4, FA 77mm f/1.8 limited, Cosina 55mm f/1.2 along with all of my Tamron Adaptall-2 lenses that have a aperture rings with AE for AutoExposures when I couple the lens with adaptall-2 P/K-A adapter




street_vision said...

Simply Beautiful.....Don't be surprised if you have a cool vignette (spelling?) when you have the film developed. I can't wait to see what your images look will look like. What type of black and white film did you use?

Jarda Houdek said...

Aperture ring is useful indeed. But be warned, my sigma 180mm macro while it has aperture ring, does not communicate correctly with the SuperA (superprogram).
I assume it would be the case with other similar bodies and other Sigma lenses.

57thStIncident said...

Hin, I also have an ongoing debate on the relative merits of (mostly Pentax) film bodies. One of the appeals of MX for me is that it has a really solid, reassuring build--more so than the Super Program with its plastic top deck. I also like its clever mechanical aperture and shutter speed display and the inclusion of 1/2 EV LED indicators in the viewfinder, and its DoF preview lever. I'm not a huge fan of the digital indicators in the SP, particularly since they don't display aperture when shooting Av. I also don't miss the 'A' capability that much since I have a substantial collection of K/M glass, which works well in Av mode. I know you've also had ME (Super?) in your mitts in the past--these have viewfinders almost as big as the MX but brighter. Even though my brain tells me that the Super Program is one of the best Pentax MF bodies, my heart isn't so convinced.

Miserere said...

I'm still sad I sold my MX. Very, very sad. I also sold my SuperProgram...I think...see? I don't even care about that one.

That's all I have to say.

afan137 said...

I just came across to your blog. It is great to see old pentax film here. If you still follow Pentax, they are releasing fullframe this year.

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