Pentax K-x White On HD Test Videos


Some amateur test videos to show. Apology for the rough viewing on videos. I should have brought in a monopod for the clips, but the clips does more than the still pictures would. It would have been extremely great had I stabilized and get to a better zoom position. I think most are taken in 220mm and you see some jerkiness on the video; otherwise, quite good to use for memory keepsake. All are shot with Pentax K-x white and Tamron 70-300mm f/4.0-5.6 in Sea Lion Live show in Seaworld of San Diego. Default settings are used.

Be warned on the unfortunate shaking on hand-holding without a monopod or tripod. The LV in AF works before you start the recording. Once the recording starts, AF won't work but the depth of field pretty much takes care the focus if the subject is not too far off. The initial AF is slow but still useful. I am sure the K-7 will do better.



LaRee Brownell said...

Looks good to me Hin especially for hand held at 220mm. For the price point the k-x offers a lot. I like the idea of video with the primes I own. Even experimenting with the Bigma and video could be interesting.
You have a lot of good information here Hin. Thank you!

street_vision said...

Nice going hin. Look good to me. I am amazed really at how good these cams are doing with video. Keep up the good work!

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