Pentax K-x White and Smudges

Pentax K-x white
I have been asked a number of times if my Pentax K-x White is easy to get smudges with frequent use. I think it is about time for a timely user report.

I have been using my white K-x for over three months. And I changed lens frequently from primes to zooms. I have used my Pentax K-x with AF lenses, adaptall-2 MF lenses, and lately on M42 lens. When I took product shots of my K-x with Tokina 400mm prime, my K-x body is as good as new in the product shots. It is quite good in resistance to dirt and smudges. The build material is of a glossy type that has a smooth surface.

pentax k-x white
I recall one time that I did clean it up on a vacation trip in Disneyland and Seaworld of San Diego. I did use baby wipes which was readily available in my car. I won't recommend baby wipes as it seems too wet. A moist paper towel would have done a similar job.

pentax k-x white
pentax k-x white
pentax k-x white

FAQ on Pentax K-x White

  • Would I choose white if I had to make the purchase again?
    • Absolutely Yes! I love the white color in K-x.

  • Are you concerned on smudges?
    • After three months of frequent usage, I have less worry and I don't consider smudges a problem for my K-x white

  • Do I get more attention than a normal black dSLR?
    • I don't think I have encountered any significant differences.
    • When I ask strangers to help my family take group shots, people feel comfortable with my white K-x.

  • I have purchased one of the OpTech neck strap and I like it over the stock neck strap from Pentax
  • I am looking for a screen protector, I see some mentioning about Acmaxx 2.7" screen protector for K-x



LaRee Brownell said...

I just got a blue k-x. I am still getting to know it but the blue sure is pretty. ;) I need to find an LCD protector too. I like the glass one I have on my k20d. It is the best I've used for LCD protection. I'll have to check b&h to see if they offer one for the k-x yet. Is the one you are considering a film?

Hin Man said...

Hi LaRee, thanks so much for the visit. The Acmaxx is a film screen protector that I see people discussing about in PF and I frequently see it listed for $9.99 in ebay. Yes, it is a plastic film and I am not sure if it is durable and that if effects the LCD display. Still looking. And I will look into the "glass one" that you mention. I will update when I find extra ones for consideration.

Anonymous said...

Are people comfortable with the camera b/c of the size and weight, or does the color really change their perception? Also, do you give it to them with Live View on? I think if I were to get a newer Pentax with Live View, I would use that feature when giving the camera to others. It's really funny to watch people try and handle a camera which they bring up to their face...

Anonymous said...


I have my white K-x almost 2 months now my experience is exactly the same… just use the camera…
White does not get dirt or attached stuff and, if it does a little, I just pass a finger or a dry cloth and it’s pristine white again!

By now I’m forgetting I have a alien colour camera until the rest of the people sees it and than, bang(!): “a white camera?”, “what is that?”

Hin: congrats, you have a wonderful presence online and you do help to spread the Pentax mood!

Best regards,


FattoreWow said...

Goooooooooood report!!!!

Hin Man said...

@Somanna, I won't use LiveView with strangers as the AF is way slower for strangers to take picture. I find the regular P program and ISO range will make it like a point and shoot for strangers of the camera. I usually say "point middle and shoot." So far my impressions in asking strangers for help has been positive in that many people treat it like point and shoot and not shy from it.

@DDHarriman, thx for sharing your experience. Come often. Be a subscriber to my blog in email or rss.

@FattoreWow, thx again for the visit and comment.

@all, I will place an order for Acmaxx screen protector that I found in eBay and report later on.

Hin Man said...

Some correction, the Acmaxx is not a film type of protector and it seems like another piece of glass. I need to do more research before I decide which one to take. I am most concerned if the protector can be removed safely without harming the original LCD.

tokyoso said...


I also have the exact same colored K-x, White w/ black handle. It rarely gets dirty, so I don't have to clean it often. Once in a while, I'll just wipe it with a micro fiber cloth.

I think white is a good color for this camera. It'll go well with a storm trooper outfit if I ever get my hands on one. :-)


greychicken said...


I love your blog. I have my K-x white for two weeks. I really love it. The white color did catch more attention than the black one. :)
Recently, I am thinking to find a LCD protector though I thought it might be unnecessary. I'm curious about what is your final decesion.

Hin Man said...

Thank you for dropping by. I have not gotten any screen protection and unlikely to get any. It is more to do with laziness more than anything else. Just enjoy the camera and don't sweat the little marks if any happens.

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