Linhof ballhead & Giottos MH-652 Quick Release Assembly

Linhof ballhead & Giottos MH-652
I had my Linhof ballhead for a while. Special thanks to my good friend Hoa/SOldBear for letting me buy it cheaply from him. It is always good to have friends to share on interesting gear. Since the Linhof ball-head only comes with a fixed knob of screw that is not quick release type, I find it difficult to mount between lens. Hence I have been looking for a while for a quick release assembly that works with the Linhof ballhead. I am so glad to have found Giottos MH-652 in Adorama. It comes with a quick plate Giottos MH-642 though my copy doesn't seem to be in corkscrew type. The combo works great together. It is built strong and a bit on the heavy side. The quick release is secure and stable.

Linhof ballhead & Giottos MH-652, giottos mh-642
And I recently learned that Ned Bunnell also used this ballhead for a long time. When I saw the article from Ned, I quickly got my act together to find the quick release that would work with the Linhof ballhead.

Linhof ballhead & Giottos MH-652The Linhof is a bit bigger than my cheapo Benro lookalike KS-0 Professional ball-head and it has a better plate where I can screw on tight with a ring like screw nut. Unlike the KS-0 ballhead, I have to use a coin to tighten up the release plate. And to my surprise, the nut is actually compatible between the two quick release plates. The plates are not compatible though. I am hoping to order a copy of Giottos MH-642 so that I can replace the screw nut in the quick release plate on the KS-0 to use it for a lighter setup.

Linhof ballhead & Giottos MH-652, giottos mh-642
I am happy to put the combination to work with my Pentax 645N and my Amvona AT-CF992 tripod.

Linhof ballhead & Giottos MH-652, giottos mh-642
Linhof ballhead & Giottos MH-652, giottos mh-642

Linhof ballhead & Giottos MH-652, giottos mh-642
Linhof ballhead & Giottos MH-652, giottos mh-642
I am yet to put the combo into more strenuous test with heavy and longer lens such as my Photosniper Tair-3 Phs 300mm f/4.5 in M42 or my Pentax F* 300mm f/4.5 with a TC.



Anonymous said...

Your gear is so immaculate! That support should get you some very nice long exposures at 100asa in low lit conditions...not moving objects naturally but some amazing low lit scenery.

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