Samsung NX5 and NX10

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This looks like an awesome deal for a mirror-less APS-C dSLR. My good friend Miserere in EnticingTheLight has a three part reviews starting in SamSung NX10 review part 1 for your reference.

I read about Samsung NX5 and I don't see much reports talking about NX5. I do find a post in and mentioning about it as a cheaper model to Samsung NX10. Little is known about the actual differences between NX10 and NX5. In my brief searching, one important difference in NX5 is in using a more traditional LCD as compared to the Amoled display screen used in Samsung NX10. Given the current discounted price that I see in Adorama, someone looking serious into Samsung NX10 should also ask around about NX5. This looks to be an exciting beginning time with affordable and outstanding hybrid cameras.

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Miserere said...

The other difference between the NX5 and NX10 is the former has a lower definition EVF. As far as I know, the rest (apart from the LCD you mentioned) is the same.

I like the NX10 very much. It's making me excited about photography again :-)

Hin Man said...

Mis, thank you so dropping by. I am so glad that you like your nx10.

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