Goodbye to Pentax K-x White

goodbye to Pentax K-x White
It is a sad post to compose as I have always loved my stylish Pentax K-x White. Out of my frustrations with Memory Card Error and Pentax Customer Service during the long repair time, I had resolved to put it up for sale after repair. And I have since sold my beloved white K-x with a stylish red bag. My white K-x is well loved by me and I send the new owner the red bag for free.

To be fair with CRIS and Pentax Customer Service, they did quite a good job in addressing not only the memory card controller issue, they also addressed two cosmetic problems that I reported to them when I sent my K-x in for service. CRIS fixed the broken chrome strip and they replaced the missing red label in the SR logo. Though the wait was long for 5 1/2 weeks, I felt quite satisfied with the repair and have since regained confidence with both CRIS and Pentax. The unexpected longer wait was mostly attributed to back-order of parts from Pentax Japan and it took about 4 weeks for parts delivery from Pentax Japan to CRIS. And I truly hope what happened to me doesn't happen to another Pentax user and that Pentax Japan can take note in improving the back-ordering of parts from Japan to other countries.

goodbye to Pentax K-x White
goodbye to Pentax K-x White

goodbye to Pentax K-x White
goodbye to Pentax K-x White

Some Farewell Notes On K-x
  • I absolutely love the white K-x in terms of style. When I see the Pentax K-r with a partial black body, I find the K-x to be more attractive especially on the white color model.

  • It is a great traveling camera with lighter weight and compact form factor. It works wonder in traveling especially when you mount it with small Pentax limited primes as in 15, 21, 35, 40, 43, 70, 77.

  • Ever since I got my K-x as a second body, I actually use K-x as my main body and leave my K20D at home. Its high ISO, good image quality, quicker AF makes it a delight to use.

  • Its clean high ISO images in 1600 to 3200 win it hand down over my K20D.

  • Price! I don't think one can fault its price for a budget camera that can serve well like its other bigger Pentax brothers in K10D, K20D, K7, K5 and K-r.



Anonymous said...

Hi there. Been reading your blog, actually found it because I was googling for best manual settings I could use for my pentax-kx and since then kept coming back and reading tips from you. Its sad you are gon'be selling your pentax-kx. I am fairly new in this hobby of photography and I do give you credit as your blog has been really helpful and even inspirational at times. I do hope if I have some questions I'd be able to ask you. Keep up the good work on the site. Jed from London

Hin Man said...

@Jed, thank you so much for your encouragement and comment. Pentax has it best strengths in its small primes, weather sealing, SR, compact bodies and I will keep at least one digital body with Pentax. I am not done with my planning for my K-x replacement, it is either a K5, K-r, or a Nikone D7000. I am waiting for the public reviews. And I may upgrade my K20D to K7.

And there is so much to learn in photography and I find many reasons to be exciting and positive about this hobby. It is an engaging and rewarding experience and hence I I love sharing my path with others.

And I love digital as much as film and my recent love with Pentax 645N on b&w films, development in darkroom with enlarger, hybrid workflow with scanner will lead to some film blog postings in the near future along with my blogging partner Steve.

CameraMan said...

please tell me how I can get the stylish red bag. The bright red bag is beautiful. thanks.

Hin Man said...

It is a clone bag to Crumpler 4 million dollar bag. It is likely the Versa Bag. You may want to consider a bigger size like Crumpler 5 or 6 if you have a K-5 or bigger camera.

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