Sigma E 30mm f/2.8 and Sigma E 60mm f/2.8 usage on Sony A7


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This is a super sharp pic. A stupid question that maybe be answered elsewhere - Can you use this 60 mm Sigma lens on the A7 without any special settings and if so does it deliver images without vignetting or whatever, in other words, perfect in terms of what resolution is offered by the lens? If I were to purchase this lens I would wish to be able to use by simply clapping it to the front of the A7 and shoot and not expect to have shortcomings like vignetting, etc.



quick answer: No

The above two shots show the Sigma 60 looks on A7. I use it in a pinch in FF non-crop mode on A7. There will be vignette. And you will get less vignette if you remove the rear baffle. On LR5.4, there is lens profile correction and vignette corner lens effect which works extremely well for Sigma 30 and to a lesser degree on Sigma 60. Sigma 30 vignette less on corners. For sigma 60, without any post processing, a slight crop with 1.2x focal length or 72mm field of view will clear most of the vignette. You can also experiment with Clear Image Zoom of 1.2x but the feature only works in JPG mode and the focusing is odd with green rectangle and I use DMF to fine tune the focus. Clear Image Zoom don't work in Raw and I can't figure out the reason with big green rectangle upon focus. I now prefer the straight use in non-crop FF mode and post process the vignette -- much easier with LR.

I won't recommend highly usage of Sigma 60/30/19 on A7/r/s but in lack of AF lens, that is what I do in a pinch in sharing equipment between my A7 and NEX. When I manage to save up enough for the FE 55mm f/1.8, I will leave the Sigma charms for the NEX. They are the best value lens for aps-c. I wish Sigma will come out with similar lens series for the FE.

Shot with A7 and Sigma 30 in non crop FF mode

  • baffle is removed
  • non-crop mode
  • PP with both Lens Profile correction along with Lens Effect on Vignette post crop adjustment in LR

The above product shot on Sigm 60 was shot with Sigma 30 on A7 in non-crop mode. PP is needed to address the vignette in LR in either lens correction or lens effect vignette corner. It is in the lower right side menu in LR. Look for Lens Profile Correction and Lens Effect with Post Crop Vignette. 

And if you don't do anything on editing, vignette will happen, more on smaller apertures. The following shot probably has a slight crop already and I didn't apply lens correction along with post-crop vignette adjustment in LR. 

Sigma 60 on A7 with slight crop

Sigma 60 on A7 with bigger crop, still traces of vignette, will be gone if I use the LR vignette post crop adjustment

Sigma 30 on A7

This is how Sigma 30 looks on A7 and it works better on A7 in regards to vignette. There will always be vignette to deal with. Expecting none will be unrealistic with these aps-c lens usage on full frame non-crop mode.


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