Takumar Beauty -- Super-Takumar 50mm f/1.4 8-element on close up

When I get home from work, I see the neighbor's flower for more testing opportunity with the 8-element lens. The super-takumar is colorful and have very good contrast even at wider apertures

In f/2.0 with a close up +4 filter.

Likely in f/2.0 without close up

Wide open in f/1.4 without close up

at f/2.0 without close up.
The good color from this lens makes the visual pop on the subject. I hate to use the over-hyped wording but I do see the 3-D look from this lens. I love its smooth off focus rendering. I am trying to find something to complain about the lens -- some fringing and some glowing edgess at wider aperture but nothing can be taken away for its great color and bokeh.


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