Sony 16-50mm f/4.0-5.6 kit zoom handy in traveling light

When you have to be 1-lens with a tiny bag in hiking or any trip that require the smallest gear that can help you with lighter gear.  In my recent trip to Mammoth Lakes in California, I left my A6000 along with all primes in the hotel and I brought my NEX 5N and the 16-50 as a single lens on a smallest E-mount body.  Prime will have better corners and faster speed, but the kit zoom get you versatility and it is good in good-lighting and casual shooting.

sony 16-50 kit zoom in Mono Lake5N and kit zoom in Mono Lake
f/10, 48mm

sony 16-50 kit zoom in Mono Lake35mm f/8.0, cropped

sony 16-50 kit zoom in Mono Lake16mm f/10.0

sony 16-50 kit zoom in Mono Lake16mm f/11, panoramic

sony 16-50 kit zoom in Mono Lake1-lens with a small bag is a great blessing in long hiking and casual shooting

I almost give this lens away for my family but now I found it a stable lens to use when I need the smallest in traveling light and compact.
  • very lightweight and compact, likely the most compact zoom in E-mount
  • good range from 16mm wide, wish it gets longer as in 16-55mm
  • jpg engine fix most of the distortion on the wide end
  • in good lighting and f/8.0 (maybe f/6.3) to smaller, this is pretty good and dependable
  • color and contrast is quite good in good lighting
  • OSS, do I get it right?  this comes in handy though I seldom use the lens for indoor shooting
  • AF is good and dependable
  • build appears to be poor and the lens has no good aesthetic as the other prime lens in E-mount 
  • no lens hood, the front of the lens is not well protected
  • not great indoor, corners can be a touch soft for landscape though I don't find it a problem as I am center looking guy
  • shooting raw can be a time sinker as work needed in distortion correction
  • vignette is not a huge issue but I do see it especially wider aperture in indoor
  • DISLIKE the zoom ring design though some people may like it, feels like a p&s in W <-> T setting


street_vision said...

It has been great to see your blog post in my in box again. Keep shooting and keep sharing.
Blessings to you and yours.

Hin Man said...

Thank you Javier. It warms my heart to see good friend dropping by. Blogging is a time sinker and hence the stop for nearly 2 years. I have to pick the battle as I do enjoy sharing a view and pictures. Life is short and I want to share as much as I can with my family and friends.

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